SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Across the San Francisco lifestyle landscape, the tax implications of the COVID pandemic have devastated popular restaurants and bars that are being forced to close permanently. The last victim of the pandemic on Sunday was a legendary pub – Lucky 13.

The owners took to Instagram over the weekend to announce their decision to close. It sparked a pilgrimage of patrons to enjoy the experience one last time.

“It’s official, this Sunday will be the last day of Lucky 13,” said Ever. We will open at 12 noon on Sunday and open the parking lot to provide more seating. Bring a growler or mason jar and we can fill that with tap beer for you too! We ordered more merch and will have an online store where you can buy goodies as soon as it all arrives. Thank you again for your continued love and support. “

The cash-only punk bar opened in 1994 and has become a favorite with its growing clientele. However, according to SFGate, the company has been renting month-to-month for years.

Manager Martin Kraenkel told SFGate that it had become apparent that the bar would close by the end of the year, but the latest closure, which went into effect on Sunday evening, sped the closure.

Long-time customers used social media on weekends to remember and say goodbye to the Lucky 13.

clairewaterman17 wrote: “My husband and I had our first date at Lucky 13. And here we continued the party after our wedding. I have a picture of walking around the place in my dress. We’re sorry you’re closing! We will miss you! “

Rob Gongora on his Instagram handle calihigh1999 said: “For the past 21 years you have made me and many of us very happy to be separated from Lucky 13. I’ve had some of the best times there and the memories will last forever. Thank you for all you have done and hope that the future is better for you. Cheers!”

Professorpounce wrote, “My wife and I had our first date at Lucky 13. What a loss to the city. Pray for a miracle “

Scullobession joined the choir: “Such sad news. Thank you for the many years and many memories! I will continue to assist from the east and buy what I can in your shop. Is there an estimated date this will be live? “

dickpowell7 wrote: “Bless you all. Had my bachelorette party there in 97 and was there before and after. You will really be missed. “

vines_n_hops felt the loss: “It hurts me to the core. Happiness isn’t just a bar. It’s my city. My community. Neighbours. Friends. Strangers. My rock in the constantly changing landscape of this city. My sanctuary.
Forever thankful for you Lucky 13! ❤️???? ”