It’s no secret that the 49ers will draw a quarterback by the third election.

What is secret or unknown is who will be the backup for the rookie quarterback, assuming he starts.

The 49ers have stated that they will keep Jimmy Garoppolo unless they receive an offer they cannot refuse. However, I can’t grapple with all of the design capital that the 49ers gave up to move up to # 3 and NOT start the rookie.

In this case, Garoppolo could be the backup in case the 49ers don’t get an offer. If he’s traded then the 49ers have Josh Rosen who could potentially be enough. There’s also Alex Smith out there who could provide tutoring.

So who should the 49ers get their rookie quarterback back up?

Unless the 49ers can sign Smith, which seems impossible, or some other wise veteran, then it really doesn’t matter. The backup quarterback is not an estimated position. Because of Garoppolo, it’s just become something to talk about or to watch. His injury problems really made it worth talking about the backup quarterback, which is a problem in and of itself.

The reality is, if a team is concerned about the backup quarterback spot, then they don’t have someone they are comfortable with as a starter. In the case of a novice, the only thing that matters is whether this backup is someone who can bring the novice up a bit. The 49ers just don’t have this person on their list.

At least not in a playful way.

The real person who has to provide this help is Kyle Shanahan. This is Shanahan’s time to shape a quarterback, not get lazy, and let a backup do its job. It is still unknown whether or not Shanahan can develop a quarterback. Regardless of who he’s designing, his career will be a different color depending on how he handles it.

Worrying about the location of the backup quarterback is a waste of time. All that needs to be discussed is that the 49ers are not allowed to have Garoppolo as a backup. It’s absurd to pay all that money to be the backup. Also, if the beginner struggles, there is never a possibility of division.

That being said, the backup quarterback conversation has to break away from the 49ers.