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Your San Francisco adventure begins at the charming Mission Blue neighborhood cafe in the Visitacion Valley. Chat with one of the friendly people behind the counter and learn about the locally made gifts that are on sale throughout the store. Mission Blue’s Signature Lavender Latte – which can be ordered with almond or oat milk – uses beans from the local coffee roaster Saint Frank from San Francisco and goes perfectly with a baked product from the chefs behind the popular vegan shop Om Sabor.

Pictured: Mission Blue

After strolling the tree-lined walkway next to Mission Blue with a latte and pastry in hand, it’s time to head to Chinatown for a vegan dim sum brunch at the Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant, a place that serves vegetarian food and vegan has been favorites for over 30 years. From fluffy bao with sweet and savory vegan BBQ pork to plump, veg-packed dumplings, you’ll find it hard to resist the urge to order it all!

Visit the humble window of the Tōno Coffee Project in downtown Palo Alto and enjoy an extraordinary coffee experience to start your day. The window is like the gateway to a world where different coffee stories are highlighted every time your cup of joe is served. The only milk option for your latte, cappuccino or hot cocoa (with Vietnamese cocoa powder from a single source!) Is oat milk, and we can’t complain at all!

Tono coffee

Pictured: Tōno Coffee Project

With your morning drink secured, head to Mami Cheli in Menlo Park for a vegan twist on street tacos and dolls that can (and should) be enjoyed at any time of the day. An order for the vegan tacos comes as a set of 3 with homemade vegan meat that is generously stacked on corn tortillas (which are freshly made by Mami Cheli). Every element of the doll – the dripping vegan cheese, the well-seasoned vegan meat, the crispy and flavorful side of the Curtido – is perfection.

The stuff of a vegan brunch in Oakland can’t be without a stop at Timeless Coffee. This 100% plant-based bakery and plant-based monastery are heaven for any vegan who is into caffeine and baked goods. Treat yourself to an infusion of the home-roasted Guatemala Huehuetenango Los Arroyos No. 2 and enjoy the notes of coffee with browned sugar, baked apple and orange peel. Redefine acceptable brunch candy by picking up a slice of birthday cake – two layers of white cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles – and a twinkie (you read that right, vegan twinkies!).

Timeless coffee

Pictured: timeless coffee

Gay4U Vegan Eats is your next destination. Get the Lucid Cream Chicken & Waffles – crispy soy-based fried chicken that sits on top of thick cornmeal waffles with a side of maple syrup and pickles. Do you need to get your breakfast burrito fixed? Gay4U offers you the New Magic Breakfast Burrito with tater tots, yam, coconut cashew crema with red pepper and cabbage with the option of also adding fried chicken and avocado.

Nirvana Soul Coffee in San Jose is the starting point for your South Bay brunch. As soon as you step into the cafe, you will immediately enjoy the solemn, fun environment created by the light pink painted ceiling and walls decorated with artwork by local BIPOC artists. Order a coffee made from Nirvana Soul’s own beans – also available in a bag – or the beet latte with oat milk for a nutritious start to the day.

Now go to Jaguar Bakery’s Santa Clara kitchen and pick up a box of vegan pancakes and goodies to take home with you as the highlight of your brunch table. A little extra planning is required to secure some goodies when orders are open for Saturday pickup on Tuesdays, but we guarantee it’s worth it! While the menu changes weekly, different types of conchas, cuernitos, cupcakes and bars are usually available. Ordering at least two at a time is required as sharing is difficult when treats taste this good.

Jaguar Bakery

Pictured: Jaguar Bakery