Want to learn more about the liveliest restaurants in San Francisco?

We took a data-driven look at the question and used Yelp to find out which restaurants are on SF diners’ tongues this month.

To find out who made the list, we looked at the San Francisco businesses by category on Yelp and counted the number of reviews they received. Instead of just comparing them based on the number of reviews, we calculated a percentage increase in reviews over the past month and tracked companies that have continuously increased their review volume to identify statistically significant outliers compared to past performance.

Read on to see which points are trending as the fall transition is made.

Big gold

Hip Italian restaurant Great Gold, which opened in August, is trending compared to other San Francisco businesses listed as “Italian” on Yelp.

Across the city, Italian spots saw new ratings rise an average of 0.8% last month, but Great Gold saw a staggering 192.3% increase, with a slight downward trend from a 4.5-star rating a month ago to record four stars today.

It’s not the only trend outlier in the Italian category: the new outpost on Polk Street in Fiorella saw ratings rise 20.3%.

Located at 3161 24th St. (between Shotwell Street and Van Ness Avenue) in the Mission, Great Gold serves Italian-American home-style cooking. Check out the chicken and eggplant parmesan, homemade ravioli, and the vegan Impossible meatballs. Beer and wine are also available.

Great Gold is open Monday through Saturday from 6pm to 10pm and Sunday from 6pm to 9pm.


Whether you’ve heard of Western Addition’s Nari or not, the Thai spot is a hot topic, according to Yelp review data.

While companies rated “Thai” on Yelp saw their new reviews increase an average of 1.2% over the past month, Nari saw a staggering 400% increase in new reviews over that period, with a slight downward trend of one A 4.5 star rating was recorded a month ago on its current four stars.

This upscale Thai restaurant has been open at Hotel Kabuki (1625 Post St.) in Japantown since August and comes from the team at the Michelin-starred Kin Khao von Tenderloin.

In the Nari, guests can expect sophisticated Thai dishes such as fried sweetbreads, oysters with pineapple mignonette, curry with chicken and bamboo shoots, lamb and nectarine curry and much more. There are almost 30 cocktails on the drinks menu, including non-alcoholic creations.

Nari is open daily from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

80 90 Friendship Restaurant & Bar

The 80 90 Friendship Restaurant & Bar in Outer Richmond is also making waves. Open since July at 2428 Clement Street (between 25th and 26th Streets), Cantonese-Vietnamese fusion restaurant and bar have seen new ratings rise 78.6% over the past month, compared to an average increase in Ratings by 0.9% for all businesses tagged “bars” on Yelp.

80 90 Friendship provides a casual atmosphere for guests to enjoy skewers, spring rolls, curries and more while enjoying wine, beer, sake and soju cocktails. Last month, the Yelp rating went from four to 4.5 stars.

80 90 is open daily from 5 p.m. to midnight.

Churn Urban Creamery

After starting at sunset, the Churn Urban Creamery recently opened its first stationary location in Portola. It’s now the busiest ice rink in town by the numbers.

Churn has been on San Bruno Ave since July. 2646 (between Burrows and Bacon Streets) and has increased its new reviews by 75% over the past month. This is an outlier compared to the 1.3% average new reviews for Yelp’s Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt category. “

Churn offers organic ice cream with an emphasis on dairy-free varieties and fresh ingredients that come from the owner’s backyard. Come visit us with flavors like baklava, peach cobbler and praline bacon. Vegan flavors include Matcha Stracciatella and Chai Chocolate Cardamom.

The new shop is open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Fridays to Sundays from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. (It’s closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.)