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Mar 24

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How to Get the Best Tree Care Professional

We may never understand the process of cutting a tree, until the moment we hire a tree cutter to work for us. We may feel we trust them but do we really? Yes, we will be asking them to do some risky jobs with our valuable property - our trees, our roof, our structures, and our home.

So how do you get the best cutters for tree cutting services? How do you evaluate them and what are they going to do for you?

Let me guess - you ended up paying more for your service than the actual cost of the service. Don't repeat the same mistake. Look for companies that are licensed, bonded, and insured. This means that they are not just tree cutters and sometimes trucks but also fully equipped to handle any job. They must be trained to handle high-risk situations and have the necessary experience in cutting trees. The compensation has to be worth the dollar to your money worth your property.

They must have good customer reviews. How can you trust the word of a full-time company unless they can back it up with real testimonials? Take your time to read how they were treated by past clients. What are their policies that could cause a real problem? Are their companies insured or bonded? Proper insurance is very important to protect your interests and so is bond. You won't be covered if anything goes wrong during the process or if they aren't licensed or insured to carry out a task.

Good contractors are very hungry. If you are not initially comfortable to call them for a quote. Stay away from them until you are at least a little comfortable. That way you will be able to tell them how important that quote is to you that they will be compensated (or if just a shack in your yard is all you need).

You don't really want contractors that just do the job because they know they have to attend classes on the day. You need someone that shows up for their classes, is punctual and works to a schedule, and follows a plan. You should look for someone that you can trust. They need to present a professional picture when they present themselves to you. Do they take the time to say anything that you ask? Do they ask questions?

How long have they been in business? How much experience does a person have? How are their credentials? Do they have any names to go on or references you can speak to? Do they have a website where you can see their pictures and go through their past service pictures? Take your time to make your decisions on others.

How do you feel about them? Is it a professional job? Do they have a professional attitude? Do they look professional when talking to you? Are they professional when explaining the price of their service?

Don't be afraid to ask the above questions. If you don't ask them, then they won't bother checking with you.

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