SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6 / PRNewswire / – The US Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, announced on Monday a plan to set up a new Street Wellness Response Team to improve outcomes for people in need on the city’s streets and the City efforts to promote alternatives to the police force responses to non-violent calls.

The Street Wellness Response Team provides an appropriate medical and social response for people who need immediate assistance but have no emerging behavioral health needs. The Street Crisis Response Teams (SCRT) in San Francisco will continue to operate to meet the needs of people with behavioral crises, the announcement said.

“Building on the early success of the Street Crisis Response Team, we are continuing our work to make a significant change to improve the effective care of people in need on our streets,” said Breed.

“Many calls to 911 or 311 through someone who appears to need help on our streets do not require an armed police response, and often the services and care people need are best provided by a paramedic or an outreach agent instead of a cop. “She added.

According to Breed, the Street Wellness Response Team will work with the Street Crisis Response Teams.

The Street Wellness Response Team consists of paramedics and paramedics from the San Francisco Fire Department and members of the Homeless Outreach Team from the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing.