It’s that time of year again. The bells are ringing, the lights are twinkling and experts are putting together the “Top 10” lists for 2017. So here’s what was trending on the Bay Area food and drink scene this year, from ice fever to tater-dead mania and year-round rose.

1 canned wine

There was a time when box wine raised oenophile eyebrows to heaven and the idea of ​​canned wine was unthinkable. But a number of wineries, including Alloy Wine Works and Union Wine Co., have great vino in picnic-friendly cans these days. Now even more wineries are joining. Will corks give way to pop-tops? Probably not – but it’s nice to have no-glass options when you’re on your way out into the great outdoors.

2 epic breakfast rolls

Avocado toast, bacon, and egg-filled brioche – this was the year of the epic breakfast sandwich. These days, you can enjoy a #Baconslut at Oakland Gastropig, incredible avocado toast in San Carlos’ Town, and breakfast collections at many other hot spots.

The city’s avocado toast is topped with pickled onions and pomegranate seeds. LiPo Ching / Bay Area News Group

3 aquavit

This boldly hued Scandinavian spirit was once a sip for import only. Now there are more than 40 aquavit distilleries in the US – there are four in California – and the ghost is popping up on bar menus throughout the Bay Area. (Tip: try it in a Bloody Mary.)

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4 perpetrator mania

Maybe it started with poutine. But suddenly there are variations on the fried potato theme everywhere – like swamp fries, tots and dips, nacholike tot-chos and more. And if you had any doubts about the trending factor, there is now a restaurant only for french fries heading towards Santa Clara.

The 716 basket, named for the Buffalo, New York area code, tops chips with chicken, buffalo sauce, and blue cheese.  (Courtesy photo of #GetFried Fry Cafe)Basket 716 – named for the Buffalo, New York area code – tops French fries with chicken, buffalo sauce, and blue cheese. #GetFried Fry Cafe

5 Extreme Ice Cream

Perhaps it’s a childlike reaction to the planet’s feverish politics, natural disasters, and hotter summers, but extreme ice cream – from Thai-style rolled sundae to cookie dough on a cone – has never been so cool. The opening of San Francisco’s pop-up ice cream museum this fall was the final proof that the Bay Area has gone gaga for frozen confectionery.

6 pallets

Speaking of frozen treats: Colorful, fruity Mexican ice pops were hot this year in places that ranged from San Francisco’s trendy nopalito to San Jose’s new Luna Mexican Kitchen to local corner shops.

7 versatile coffee beverages

Latte art by barista Julian De La Cruz at Voyager Craft Coffee in Santa Clara, Calif. On Wednesday, August 16, 2017. (Nhat V. Meyer / Bay Area News Group)Latte Art at Santa Clara’s Voyager Craft Coffee brings color to the cup. Nhat V. Meyer / Bay Area News Group

Blue Bottle Coffee and Verve may have spoiled us with infusions and cold brews. But this year we’ve been crazy about increasingly diverse coffee options, from Nutella mochas and Havana lattes to cardamom-kissed Bedouin brews and colorful barrista art.

8 Ascent of Mezcal

We named it last fall when mezcal menus popped up in some high-end restaurants and bars in the Bay Area. Now, the smoky agave spirit is everywhere from Oakland’s Agave Uptown to San Francisco’s Hog & Rocks.

9 market halls

What started with the Pike Place Market in Seattle and the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco has grown into a huge food craze. New market halls open to the left and right – and we’re not just talking about San Pedro Square in San Jose with 18 food and drink vendors. Also check out San Jose’s SoFA and San Francisco’s The Market.

Order your artisanal pizza at Pizzetta 408 and bring it to one of the tables in the SanFA Market Food Hall in San Jose, inside or outside the market.  (Mary Orlin / Bay Area News Group)The San Jose SoFA Market has a wide variety of dining options, including Pizzetta 408. (Bay Area News Group)

10 Rosé all year round

It is not your imagination. Rosé wine is everywhere – and not just in the warm summer months. As if we needed more proof of Rosé’s rise: a Livermore rosé knocked out the taxis and sauv blancs to take home the best-of-show crown at a major wine competition in Northern California. (Psst, here are 20 roses to try.)

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