The Mission Burrito was named after the Mission District of San Francisco and is the epitome of the gold standard burrito in America. Those jumbo burritos sold by giant companies like Chipotle? Yes, basically mission style missions. It comes down to three key identifiers: the size (gigantic), the variety of ingredients in them (including rice, which was considered unusual at the time these first became popular), and the fact that they are tightly packed and tend to weigh a ton.

Who Makes the Best Mission Burrito in San Francisco? Well, as might be expected, this is an issue of intense local debate. What can be said is that Taqueria La Cumbre claims to be the inventor of the Mission Burrito. So if you’re looking for a burrito with a back story, that’s where you can start. Another must-see is El Castillito in Castro, where you can find perfectly tender meat and melted cheese wrapped in the perfect tortilla. Do we have to say more? Of course, the correct way to answer this important question about the best burrito is to eat as many Mission Burritos as you can during your visit and to crush the beans, the roasted tomatoes used in the salsa, and the ratio of cheese and avocado Compare meat or chicken as you go. There are hundreds of places where burritos are sold within almost 1.5 square kilometers of the mission.