A former San Francisco security officer who was injured at work has filed a lawsuit against pro skateboarder Jesse Vieira, Thrasher magazine, and the owners of 555 California, which includes the Trump Organization.

57-year-old Dan Jansen suffered permanent brain damage as a result of an altercation on November 25, 2018 in front of the skyscraper in the city center. Surveillance cameras recorded the incident: Seven skateboarders were using the space when Jansen, who was a security guard for 12 years at the time, came outside to move steel barriers in front of the place where they were trying to perform tricks.

“With its low stone walls and steps lined with steel railings, the square served as an ideal stage for the skateboarding videos posted on the Internet that draw skaters from all over the region to a place where skateboarding is prohibited,” said the New York Times wrote in 2019.

The skaters then tried to move the barriers and told Jansen to grab a skateboard and toss it on the street. In the following close combat, Jansen was pushed to the ground. He fractured his skull, had a swelling of his brain and urgently needed an operation. The medical records reviewed by The Times stated, “All medical teams agreed that this patient would die without surgery.”

According to the lawsuit Jansen filed on Monday, he was in a coma for over a week and is in need of “lifelong medical care and treatment.”

The lawsuit named Vieira, who was arrested by San Francisco police on December 10, 2018 and charged with assaulting with a fatal weapon. Vieira’s defense alleged in court that he was defending himself. The jury got stuck in May 2019 and forced a mistrial.

Jansen is also looking for unspecified damage to Thrasher, a popular skateboard lifestyle magazine. The lawsuit alleges that Vieira was an employee of the GX1000 skateboard crew in San Francisco, which has a massive social media presence and its own clothing line. The GX1000 brand is owned by High Speed ​​Productions, Thrasher’s parent company.

Additionally, the suit names the owners of 555 California. The Trump Organization owns a stake in the building, the only property in San Francisco. Vornado Realty Trust owns most of the property. According to Jansen, the building’s operators knew of an earlier incident involving unauthorized skateboarders and did not inform Jansen on the day of his shift.

Jansen files for legal proceedings.