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Tim Seelig is the Artistic Director of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.

He came to ABC7 News on Wednesday and explained how the choir was “rehearsing” for their big Christmas Eve performance.

“The samples were terrible,” says Seelig, because they “didn’t exist” before.

That’s because it’s not possible for everyone to sing at the same time on Zoom, explains Seelig.

In fact, there is “no platform where people can sing and I can hear it”.

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So the solution is quite complex.

“They have never been together or have sung together,” said Seelig.

Each member of the choir only records their part separately and sends it in. Each part is put together to form a virtual choir.

This is how they prepare their Christmas Eve performance, for which you can buy tickets on their website here.

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It’s a rich tradition that has been a popular San Francisco must-see for decades.

The choir has existed for 43 years, but this year marks a special milestone, their 30th year since they appeared at the Castro Theater.

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