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There are several contestants in the category of the most amazing start to the 2021 MLB season.

There are Tampa Bay Rays believed to have retired after the World Series bid, but are accelerating the pace of the tough American League East.

There’s Boston Red Sox, believed to be in the middle of rebuilding, but it’s right behind the raise.

There’s Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins, someone who should be good but was bad in varying degrees.

But most of all, there is one out of control winner. San Francisco Giants public projection system won 70 victories in 2021. Monday marked a third of the season and continues at breakneck speed to win 101 games, 5-4 victory on Sunday.

When the two teams last played, it was the Dodgers who took the big win of the series in San Francisco. The idea was that the Giants would be eliminated in the coming months if the Giants didn’t get along with the Dodgers when their favorite team was injured.

One series doesn’t deny it, but it’s another data point on San Francisco’s long list of records this year. I admitted Mookie Betts missed the finals due to worsening allergies, Cody Bellinger and Zach McKinstry are back. Those Dodgers have been beating everyone lately.

What’s good about the Giants? The question of what is not may be bigger.

You have raised the basic skills. Their pitchers now have fewer batter than any other National League team, but the batter is on the league’s rankings, and with the Dodgers of course. San Diego Padres in both cases is nearly 25% better than it was a year ago.

In particular, this does not mean that Major League Baseball’s roster was effectively revised early on. This is the case with a roster that is mostly made up of returnees who improve the game. The Giants are the oldest offensive in the league. The median age calculated by the Baseball Reference is 27.6 to 29.5 for the other 14 National League teams.

The median age of the San Francisco Giants Batters in 2021 is 30.9 years.

When Braves executive director Alex Anthopoulos told the Los Angeles Times a few years ago that his instinct was to find a new home and an outside alternative when a player was struggling. Perhaps best of all, Farhan Zaidi should find a way to improve the player through internal interventions. Of course, Zydi is now in his third season as president of the Giants’ baseball business.

Anthopoulos has reached a career where Zydi’s skills were used in a low-budget Oakland Athletics. I couldn’t afford to buy replacements all the time (or often). Anthopoulos and Zaidi worked together in Los Angeles for two years. Along with the Dodgers, Zaidi led the next acquisition and development. Max Muncy. Earned by the giants Mike Yastrzemski and Kevin Gausman, the two 30-year-olds were only able to reach their full potential relatively late in their careers in San Francisco. But he also oversees the veteran’s next veteran resurrection. Brandon Belt, Buster Posey, and Evan Longoria members of the 33-year-old, 34-year-old, and 35-year-old trio have had better stats for at least five years than they did in 2021.

As Muncie said on Sunday, “They were never a bad team. They were just disorganized. You are a good team. “

“Summary” is a vague concept. However, it may look like Posey missed out on the shortened 2020 season. He is healthy and rests more often than ever to maintain him.

With Clayton Kershaw, it is estimated that his contemporary Posey is undoubtedly playing better than ever.

“This is a great addition,” said Kershaw, who the Giants met with five RBIs on Sunday. “Your starters were also very good. You have many parts on each side of the ball…. You are a good team. “

If the sentence sounds like it is repeating itself, you probably need to say that it is new enough. Opponents don’t need to be aware that the Dodgers are good. For the Giants, this success came unexpectedly, at least externally.

The industry doesn’t consider them the 100 game winners just yet. However, the Giants are no longer considered a 75-win team. As manager Gabe Kapler pointed out over the weekend, one of the keys to the Giants’ success this season is their persistence. You haven’t been lazy for a long time. The same is not true of the Dodgers and Padres to the west.

Now they have to keep it, but they have already achieved a lot.

Pedro Moura is the national baseball writer for FOX Sports. He recently covered the Dodgers for three seasons on The Athletic. Previously, he covered the Angels and Dodgers for the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times for five years. He had previously interviewed his alma mater, USC. I grew up in the suburbs of Southern California as the son of a Brazilian immigrant. Follow him on Twitter @pedromoura ..

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