SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The Mayor of San Francisco London Breed and Treasurer José Cisneros hope to help low-income city residents by cutting disproportionate fees in their new household, the city said on Wednesday With.

In the proposed 2021-2022 budget, the Mayor’s Household Office and Treasurer have set several fees for cancellation in all departments, including Animal Care and Arts. The process has already eliminated other costs, including criminal justice fees, free phone calls in prison, and the removal of overdue fines for libraries.

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“Fines and fees affect us all differently, and for some people a single fee can have a dramatic impact that can make it difficult to bring food to the table or pay their rent,” Breed said. “We know now is the time to invest in people who are struggling to get back on their feet as we all do the work to lift this city out of this pandemic. We have made significant strides in recent years to make significant changes to fines and fees, and we will make more changes in the coming year. “

According to the mayor’s office, the proposed reforms are part of Breed’s plans to ensure San Francisco recovers fairly from the COVID-19 pandemic. The citywide Economic Restoration Task Force prioritized conducting a citywide review of fines and fees as part of the city’s restoration efforts.

Among the fees, the 2021-2022 budget proposes (with city text):

The Street Performer License Fee ($ 849) historically paid by low-income, immigrant, and / or old-age artists. This royalty enables these sellers to sell their art in designated locations to support themselves and their families. The elimination of this fee will ensure greater participation in the San Francisco Arts Commission program, help expand diverse, vibrant, revenue-generating marketplaces for artists, and attract local and tourist funds for handcrafted creations.

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Medical assessor fees, billed primarily to the family and friends of the deceased, usually for the deceased who have been homeless or victims of very low income crimes. These fees include proof of death note (US $ 10), statement of no contagion (US $ 10), disaster bag (US $ 67), remains removal (US $ 632), and cremation (US $ 1,196).

City pass fees ($ 6 for teenagers and $ 18 for adults). These fees are mainly paid by undocumented and low-income individuals and can be a barrier to obtaining this form of identification.

Two pet care and inspection fees: pet handover ($ 33) and dog license late fees ($ 32). These fees are difficult to pay for low-income residents.
The budget also has several departments reviewing fees with a possible removal, including the fire department and parks and leisure. It also suggests that the Department of Health work with other departments to create a “Participation Applicant” category for fees “likely to affect people on low incomes, such as car rental. B. Fees for mobile and temporary catering facilities as well as massage and tattoo studios ”. . “

“Fines and fees in excess of citizens’ ability to pay are often a loss to citizens and the government,” said Treasurer Jose Cisneros. “Someone shouldn’t have any major consequences because their bank account is smaller. And we shouldn’t balance our budget on the back of those who can least afford it. “

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It’s unclear exactly when the $ 13.1 billion budget will be presented to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, but they are expected to vote on it this summer.