It is rare for a team to create a win-win scenario when a young franchise quarterback candidate is added to a roster that already contains an established QB1. However, the San Francisco 49ers may have created an environment that will help them win today and tomorrow, also enabling their seasoned signaler to cash another big check in the near future.

Perhaps that was exactly the plan John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan had in mind when the Niners rose to number 3 and eventually started Trey Lance with “Jimmy Garoppolo”.

Jimmy G owns a 22-8 record as a San Francisco starter and led the 49ers to a Super Bowl two seasons ago, but the organization’s brain confidence still felt the need to spend three first-round picks and one third-round pick on another arm . The brave move is clearly – at least in part – due to Garoppolo missing 23 games due to injury over the past three seasons, raising concerns about his durability as a quarterback. Still, the 49ers certainly appreciate their QB1, which has two years left over for a five-year extension of $ 137.5 million, though the dead-money impact would no longer be prohibitive for a trade or release. And the team is convinced that the relationship will remain healthy and based on consistent transparency.

“I think Jimmy has a really good faith in me and Kyle,” Lynch told Colin Cowherd last week. “I think you deserve it, and I think we were very open with Jimmy from day one. When I went to Jimmy, I was telling him the truth … I’m going to be chasing a quarterback this off-season. You know Jimmy, if you’ve played you’ve been great and the bottom line speaks for it. We feel like there is room for growth. The biggest thing was that it was it is difficult to keep you in the field. ‘ It’s not easy to say to a player, but Jimmy took it on incredibly. “

There’s no denying that Garoppolo has an impact on San Francisco when he’s on the field. In 31 games with the 49ers in the last four seasons, Jimmy G completed 67.5 percent of his passes with a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 46:26 and a pass rating of 98.1. Most importantly, Garoppolo has won 73.3 percent of his starts. Perhaps this explains why Niners Brass has adamantly insisted that Garoppolo remain at the center of the franchise’s plans in 2021, despite the 29-year-old carrying a base salary of $ 24.1 million and the team reportedly only designing his replacement Has. Lynch repeated this line of thinking in his conversation with Cowherd:

“And my other commitment was, ‘But here’s the good news, Jimmy: we don’t want you going anywhere. We want you here, and our owners are committed to doing that. We can customize it. ” in our cap and we think it’s a good situation for you; probably not the one you ultimately want to hear. I am sure you want to be the long term type. That has a downside. You could still be. ‘Because he’ll have the chance to compete and earn this job, and we’ll just let that play. But Jimmy is a really good football player. “

Garoppolo has a solid résumé, but some believe that as a passer / playmaker, he’s not the full package – and that San Francisco needed to improve their position to maximize their potential as a title contender.

“He’s a good player, but he misses a handful of throws per game that should count as layups,” a former NFL player and offensive assistant told me. “Shanahan is one of the best in the business when it comes to creating explosive pieces that can’t be missed, but there are times when Jimmy doesn’t see it or completely misses it. That must lead to frustration in the offensive meeting room. “