A mountain lion broke into a San Francisco residence by breaking the exterior glass window of the house in San Bruno on Tuesday.

The San Bruno Police Department said the homeowner’s collection of taxidermy trophy heads on the interior walls lured the animal into the residence. While the homeowner was able to drive the animal out of the house, authorities were unable to find it later.

Break in of the lions

The owner of the San Bruno home said the animal broke into the residence at around 12:20 a.m. It was on the 200 block off Ross Avenue near an open space that stretches from the Pacifica coast to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Officials said mountain lion sightings are not uncommon in California. The Department of Fish and Wildlife said an average of about 4,000 to 6,000 mountain lions make their home in the state. However, the San Bruno Police Department said the incident was still unusual.

The police department gave tips to homeowners to follow if they find themselves in a similar situation to the San Bruno resident. They encouraged families to secure their homes and install deer-proof devices so as not to attract the lion’s main food source. Homeowners should also remove thick vegetation from around their homes to reduce the areas where animals could hide.

San Francisco officials captured a mountain lion last Wednesday after roaming the city streets in broad daylight. Fish and wildlife data collected by the animal’s radio collar was the same animal sighted last week, the San Francisco Gate reported.

Officials found the animal in a tree on Santa Marina and Mission streets on the west side of Bernal Heights. They shot the mountain lion to sleep before picking it up and transporting it to the Oakland Zoo before being released back into the wild.