The master plan for the Foster + Partner power plant in San Francisco breaks ground

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As part of Dogpatch’s mixed-use waterfront development, the Foster + Partner power plant expansion has finally broken ground. The master plan will create several new residential, commercial, and recreational spaces that honor its industrial past and reconnect the community to the San Francisco Bay waterfront. The architectural office’s 2-building proposal offers the neighborhood an ideal urban planning framework to create a lively, healthy and integrative community.

© Foster + Partner© Foster + Partner© Foster + PartnerHerzog & de Meuron are converting a former power plant in San Francisco into a mixed-use project.  Image © Herzog & de Meuron+ 4

Foster + Partners has designed two mixed-use residential buildings in the center of the site that offer an integrative and diverse living and working community. The ground floors of both buildings are dedicated to common social rooms and co-working areas, which are built around a central open courtyard. The planning team implemented this central green area based on the traditional courtyards and alleys of the area. Pedestrian and cycle paths are sewn in the master plan and thus create new connections to the adjacent areas.

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The design of the building is based on a series of interconnected two-storey elements and spatial flexibility. A modular organizational grid is implemented in the architecture of both buildings, creating a dynamic arrangement of geometries. The apartments have been designed to maximize airflow, natural light and access to the landscaped terraces. These terraces run up through the building and reach the garden roof terraces with a view of the bay.

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Herzog & de Meuron are converting the former power station in San Francisco into a mixed-use project

The former industrial site is bordered on one side by the Dogpatch district and on the other by the waterfront. The power plant plan is San Francisco’s largest development project to date and will include residential, retail, office and outdoor spaces, creating a new mixed-income neighborhood on the city’s waterfront. Other buildings within the development will be designed by Herzog & de Meuron and LMS Architects.

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Foster + Partners recently shared the draft for a residential building-led master plan on the outskirts of Bangkok. The project, titled The Forestias, involves a great forest in its heart to help bridge the growing gap between contemporary city life and family traditions. The Forestias proposal focuses on promoting multigenerational family coexistence and new models of urban life in Thailand.