After the artist named Bearsun left LA on April 12th and has been out and about in full teddy bear regalia for almost two weeks, he finally made it to San Francisco, the decisive end of his more than 400-mile journey.

Bearsun has been an integral part of Instagram since leaving The City of Angels in early April – with the clear intention of traveling to The City By The Bay entirely on foot. He rested under trees. He danced in the desert. It is curved, flanked by a giraffe of the same size. He took countless pictures with passers-by. But above all: He ran (practically without interruption, without satisfying the very human needs such as eating and sleeping.)

Well, on Saturday, Bearsun finally arrived in San Francisco, marking a bittersweet end to his viral walkathon.

“Almost there,” wrote the self-described creative in an Instagram title and continued with “The Walk from San Francisco” – the joint video that shows Bearsun passing an orange barricade and focusing on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The man behind the mascot? Jessy Larios, the artist who started wearing the adorable bear costume in 2016 (that’s better now, cleaner days) and occasionally donned it for marathons. In an interview with Mercury News, the imaginative character was born from Lario’s own creativity. He later mentioned that he “put on a pair of Adidas shoes” with no plan before starting his hike, relying solely on Google Maps to determine his course. (Though Larios is now miles behind and foresight, he added that it was “a mistake” after navigating road closures, steep mountain passes – a decision he later calls a mistake.)

“I want to do that. I just want to run marathons in my bear suit,” he told CNN. “It also makes other people happy and for me it’s all about laughing and smiling.”

Although his route from SoCal to Norcal was initially planned on a whim, Larios has since launched a GoFundMe campaign that is currently grossing nearly $ 15,000. He says the funds raised will at some point go to a charity chosen by his supporters and donors.

To see more of Bearsun’s journey through California’s landscapes, including what is believed to be his brief stint in SF today, follow the two-legged urside on IG: @iamberasun.

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Image: Instagram via @iamberasun