An Idaho beef company donated 35,000 Wagyu steaks worth approximately $ 2 million to several nonprofit banks and food banks in San Francisco.

Snake River Farms, which focuses on human rearing of their animals, usually sells their high-end beef to restaurants. However, since these are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, she is donating the meat instead.

Last week, the family-owned farm announced it would be sending $ 8 million worth of Wagyu to cities in the United States to weigh on hospital workers, laid-off restaurant workers and other communities affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Snake River relies on regional distributors in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and San Francisco for donations to its various nonprofits.

TogetherSF volunteers will deliver the steaks, the majority of which will go to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank.

Deliveries are also made to La Cocina, self-help for the elderly, meals on wheels and public residential areas.

“You will be very surprised and grateful to have mostly meat on the table,” Faces SF’s Susan Murphy told ABC News after picking up 600 steaks for a grocery trip.

The company said in a statement it knew food can bring solace in a crisis and wanted affected California communities to know how much it means to the company.

Snake River Farms usually sells its high-end beef to restaurants
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Last week, Snake River Farms and Port Washington’s Prime Food Distributor announced that they would donate 50,000 premium American Wagyu steaks to New York-based health care workers on the front lines. The steaks are packaged and shipped to Northwell hospitals daily until supplies are exhausted.

Wherever possible, the meat is prepared and cooked by hospital chefs and also packaged so that employees can take it home and share it with their families.

John Kosmidis, Executive Vice President of Prime Food Distributor, said, “It was devastating to see the effects of COVID-19 firsthand across New York. As the climate kept deteriorating and we knew we were in the area distribute some of the best beef products. ” New York, we wanted to do something from our hearts to say thank you. “

“At Snake River Farms, we’re a family business,” said Jay Theiler, executive director of marketing for Snake River Farms.

“From our ranchers to our distributors, we are all together. We firmly believe that food can bring comfort and healing in times of crisis. While we are thousands of miles away we care deeply and are grateful to all of the front lines serving we all risk our own health. “