Union administrators who clean office buildings in San Francisco, including the facilities used by Facebook and Google, voted last weekend to accept an employment contract with cleaning companies that serve the owners of the buildings, reports KTVU-TV.

More than 700 custodian banks, represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 87, quit their jobs in March. They called for wage increases, more safety and occupational safety in a pandemic, and job opportunities for laid-off custodians. Two months later, the 87 members of SEIU Local voted 257-10 in favor of approving the tentative new contract, which provides for an hourly wage increase of $ 3 an hour during the term of sexual harassment with the union, which was negotiated with the prosecutor’s office San Francisco works together to identify criminal acts committed against members in the workplace and more.

Custodians will earn at least $ 20.29 an hour and most more once all of the terms of the four-year contract go into effect. The contract increases member compensation by more than 4%, including wages, health care, sick leave and pension provisions.

“Despite all adversities, we continued to fight for ourselves and our families. Our work is hard work, it is skilled work, it is essential work. We risk ourselves to protect everyone. We also deserve protection, ”said Ramiro Rodriguez, member of the custody and negotiation committee.

Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker, congratulated SEIU Local 87 on the successful contract confirmation, according to a statement from her office. “It is my honor to congratulate the members of SEIU Local 87 on their historic and hard-won victory,” said Pelosi, who represents the San Francisco district. “I am delighted that SEIU Local 87 and the San Francisco Building Owners and Managers Association were able to reach this agreement, which is a model for the nation to enable caretakers to work with dignity.”

SEIU has at least 2,500 working members in San Francisco and an additional 2,500 custodians laid off during the pandemic.