SANTA CLARA, Calif .– The day after Trey Lance finished number 3 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, he arrived at the San Francisco 49ers facility for his first face-to-face meeting with Trainer Kyle Shanahan.

Shanahan had about 15 minutes to chat with Lance and his family, who were about to start looking for an apartment for him. Given the importance of the quarterback-coach relationship, a discussion of X and O or other football-related topics would have been an understandable topic of conversation.

Instead, Shanahan offered a warning.

“We were hanging out and they were going to look for houses and things like that. I told him, ‘Don’t be too depressed. After the first few days everyone is very excited and you realize that you have to change something you were looking for, ‘”Shanahan said of property prices in the Bay Area.” And they say,’ No, everyone told us. ‘ I say, ‘No, everyone told me, you’ll see, it’s real.’ “

For all newbies to the NFL, there is a necessary adjustment that goes beyond football. There’s an off-the-field element that leads to getting started on your own for the first time as an adult.

There’s even more to consider for newbies to the 49ers as they arrive at one of the NFL’s most unique – and expensive – markets.

While San Francisco has long been one of the most expensive places in the United States, few 49ers actually stay in town. The team’s headquarters in Santa Clara is about 45 miles from town, and even without traffic (good luck) that would be about a 50 minute drive each way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much cheaper closer to Levi’s Stadium.

Marshall Green bay Santa Clara
Average Price listed $ 192,795 $ 231,000 $ 1,795,000
Average Price sold $ 198,685 $ 230,000 $ 1,960,000
Average size 2,100 square feet * 1,909 square feet 1,800
Price per square meter $ 155 ** $ 120 $ 980
Average Lot size 11,000 square feet 14,000 square feet 7,000 square feet
Average 2-bed app. rent $ 700 $ 1,000 $ 3,250
Average Size 2-bed app. 700 sqm 950 square feet 1,050 square feet
* -includes finished recordings from the basement | ** – finished basement shots are $ 95 per square foot
Provided by real estate agents Monica Thomas, Tiffany Holtz and Jana Reilly

According to Monica Thomas, a realtor at Compass Realty who works closely with the 49ers, the average sales price for a single-family home in Santa Clara County is $ 1.96 million for a home approximately 1,800 square feet. Renting a 2-bedroom apartment with a size of 900 to 1,200 square meters costs on average between 2,500 and 4,000 US dollars per month, depending on the equipment and location.

Thomas often advises players to get to know their surroundings and their desires before making a decision.

“There’s definitely a time when it takes a day or two to hit the sidewalk and see different variations of what’s out there before I see the guys really feel comfortable and take the sticker shock from Get used to everything you can get, ”said Thomas.

For comparison, the average price for a single-family home in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the NFL’s smallest market, is $ 230,000, which would mean a 1,909-square-foot home. A two-bedroom, 900- to 1,000-square-foot apartment costs $ 800 to $ 1,200 a month (although those near Lambeau Field can cost up to $ 3,000), according to Tiffany Holtz, a Coldwell banker agent based there.

In Lance’s hometown of Marshall, Minnesota, the median retail price of a single family home is $ 198,685, with an average size of approximately 2,100 square feet (including completed underground space). According to Jana Reilly of Keller Williams Realty in Marshall, a two-bedroom apartment costs an average of $ 700 per month for around 600 to 800 square feet.

Given those numbers, it’s easy to see why newbies like round three cornerback Ambry Thomas gasps at the mere mention of the Bay Area’s cost of living.

“As soon as I got the call [I was drafted] I was happy, excited, then I thought about everything and thought, ‘California, taxes, taxes’ and I started thinking about all of that and the cost of living, ”said Thomas, who grew up in Detroit before playing in Michigan . “I think, ‘Hey, it’s kind of expensive, very expensive.’ But honestly I’m just grateful for the opportunity. Skip the cost of living and all of this now. I feel like my game is kind of my pocket. “

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To that end, the 49ers are working to get their players to watch their pockets before their game gets into conversation.

Much of that responsibility rests with Austin Moss II, the 49ers’ Director of Player Engagement. It is his job to “engage, train and enable” players “to reach their full potential on and off the field”. A big part of that job is helping players transition in and out of the NFL.

This work begins during the draft process when Moss learns which players are being targeted so he can start developing plans to help them adapt. Shortly after the players are drafted, Moss introduces himself and lets them know that he is the right person to go for any help they might need in transitioning to the league.

When the rookies arrive in Santa Clara, the real work begins. Together with player engagement coordinator Shelby Soltau, Moss offers a structured curriculum that is essentially equivalent to a beginner’s school.

The group meets for one hour a day, Monday through Thursday, for about four weeks.

The first week is about how to become a professional, with discussions about culture, expectations, establishing a routine, and maximizing the resources available. Week 2 focuses on finances, with lessons on budgeting, construction loans, and spending. Week 3 is called Roadblocks, with lectures on stress management, decision making, relationships, life skills and leadership. The last week is about success beyond the game – supporting the community, building a platform and preparing for what comes after football.

There’s even discussions about learning opportunities at big-name Silicon Valley companies like Apple, Tesla, and Google, which allow gamers to take tours, meet executives, and do part-time jobs and off-season internships.

Mingling in these conversations is a lot of guest appearances from other players on how to deal with things like living. Tight end George Kittle, a former five-round pick who lived in an apartment with his current wife and two teammates during his rookie season, is always ready to share his experience.

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“The beauty of playing football in Santa Clara is that football is the top priority at all times,” said Kittle. “You have to do whatever you can to do something or find a way to get in trouble. I think it’s a great place to play football and focus on it every day. So for beginners, you do your whole.” Trying to get to that level all your life. Just because you have a few dollars in your pocket there is no need to change what you’ve done. “

Rentals and roommates are common practice for most newcomers to Niners. In fact, Moss recommends any newbie below the second round not to buy a home until they have proven themselves in the field.

The 49ers pay the bill for training camp accommodation, and when the squad and training squad are established, players have options including corporate apartments, hotels, and apartments. In addition to roommates, they are offered several ways to save money. One method is to sign a shorter lease.

Although most buildings charge a premium for shorter or monthly leases, the Niners have relationships that can help make such arrangements a little easier. It can cost more on the front-end, but that money can be saved by moving and training in cheaper locations in the off-season.

Most young players opt for condos or townhouses near the team’s training facility, which helps them be on time for team activities but has the added benefit of easy access to the meals and weights provided by the team.

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Monica Thomas took a player to 20 rental properties in three days. Most players will be looking at five or six places and will have to adjust their criteria as certain things are not necessarily achievable in their price range.

“It is important for them to establish themselves, to familiarize themselves with the area, and there are so many little bags in Santa Clara County that we might recommend a first-year rental to really get to know the area for a year before they start buying a home – unless they really want to make it, “said Thomas. “But we just want to make sure that they know exactly what they are getting into, especially in their age group, because every investment is important.”

player Contract amount Over. Tax Rt. Total Tax Paid Tax Take it home with you
Trey Lance $ 34,105,276 45.1% $ 15,395,865 $ 18,709,411
Aaron Banks $ 7,073,601 43.2% $ 3,055,906 $ 4,017,695
Trey sermon $ 4,872,933 42.1% $ 2,051,301 $ 2,821,632
Ambry Thomas $ 4,785,850 42.0% $ 2,011,547 $ 2,774,303
Jaylon Moore $ 3,803,032 41.1% $ 1,562,891 $ 2,240,141
D. Lenoir $ 3,764,872 41.0% $ 1,545,471 $ 2,219,401
Hufanga’s story $ 3,720,152 41.0% $ 1,525,056 $ 2,195,096
Elijah Mitchell $ 3,663,568 40.9% $ 1,499,226 $ 2,164,342
Justin Hilliard $ 2,455,000 38.6% $ 947,514 $ 1,507,486
1. No commission etc. 2. 50% of games in CA, 50% outside 3. 5% average state income tax outside of CA.

In 2021, the minimum base salary for beginners of $ 660,000 is still a high number for the average citizen. However, California’s income tax rate of 13.3% remains the highest in the country. Although players are only paid in regular season game checks based on the location those games are played, the Niners are confident that at least nine California rate checks will be paid out each season.

So while Lance will soon be signing a fully guaranteed four-year contract for $ 34.1 million with a $ 22.1 million signing bonus, Spotrac will end up taking home a little closer to $ 18.7 million, according to Spotrac. That’s more than enough for a large, comfortable home, but it explains why Lance tends to rent for at least his first season, and why he was grateful for his coach’s warning.

“I knew it was going to be kind of crazy, but it definitely helped me educate myself a bit,” said Lance.