SAN MATEO COUNTY, CA – The San Mateo County Coroner Office broadcasts obituaries from the area weekly. We have summarized the names and hometowns of people who died between January 5th and 11th below.

The names refer to those who have been reported dead in the coroner’s office – usually those who died in a hospital, nursing home, or dorm in San Mateo County. They do not include hospice patients.

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JAN. 11:

George Agrimis, 89, Belmont

Aurelian Ponce Mendoila, 48, San Mateo

Manuel Contreras, 86, South San Francisco

William Gehrett, 76, No city listed

Robert Norman, 72, Pendleton

Gloria Sual, 98, San Francisco

Jennifer Sorrell, 40, Daly City


JAN. 10:

Richard Fuchs, 77, Burlingame

Darral Laviene, 58, San Francisco

Florentina Felix, 85, Daly City

Anna Mae Harrison, 94, East Palo Alto

Helen Thompson, 93, San Carlos

Qing Zhang, 66, Millbrae

Fay Ungar, 80, Burlingame

Elio Louis Filippi, 80, Atherton

Ethel Toda, 85, San Mateo

Theresa Garibaldi, 98, Daly City


JAN. 9:

Doris Nada, 91, Foster City

Helen Marie Broce-Burke, 88, Pacifica

Growing up Celis, 87, Daly City

Domitila Saldana, 86, No city listed


JAN. 8th:

Robert Walsh, 81, Redwood City

Robert Andrade, 86, Redwood City

James Wilkenig, 79, No city listed

Patricia Walters, 83, no city listed

Fu Kwock Ng, 93, Daly City

D. Sandoval-Banuelos, 58, San Mateo

Florine Morris, 85, San Francisco

Santos Milian De La Cruz, 66, San Mateo


JAN. 7:

Evelina Tanada, 79, South San Francisco

Napoleon Maranon, 78, Daly City


JAN. 6:

Irving Sanders, 93, Redwood City

Patricia Razura, 82, Redwood City

Osvaldo Hernandez, 47, South San Francisco

Felicia Mucci, 62, Foster City

Bruce Goldman, 86, Millbrae

Gloria Payne, 93, San Francisco

Niliom Souza, 79, Redwood City


JAN. 5:

Michael Zarate, 53, Pacifica

Margaret Harris, 99, Woodside

Gus Porteous, 44, San Bruno

Juan Gutierrez, 47, San Mateo

Susan Lee Pope Perry, 74, City of Redwood

John Eliopoulos, 48, South San Francisco

Julie Shinn, 86, Daly City

Joseph Lester Thomas, 77, San Francisco

Neil Limpanukorn, 56, Belmont

M. Meleano Mataele, 91, East Palo Alto