Published on December 13, 2020

On January 1, 2021, 42-year-old Ryan Finn will be leaving New York City to sail for San Francisco as he attempts to establish the first non-stop reference time for the 13,225 nautical mile course without a break.

Finn will be sailing a 36-foot Proa Jzerro designed and built by Russel Brown. The design of the boat is based on the old technology of the Pacific Islander and is known for its efficiency, speed and reliability.

“I had the idea to prove the concept of such a boat for a long solo record with a little pro,” explains Finn. “I don’t think there is a multihull that could survive the non-stop record going west, but I think a Proa could.”

Ryan is an avid seaman and has sailed more than 100,000 nautical miles, including three transatlantic and five transpacific crossings. He completed several other expeditions with 21 to 60 foot long ocean racing vessels as well as other cruise and racing boats. In 2016 he sailed from Los Angeles to the Panama Canal and completed the longest solo sailing expedition in just 18 days on a Pacific Proa.

Montreal-based Sailor Productions will record the 60-day journey to produce the 60-minute documentary 2Oceans1Rock. During its expedition, the Jzerro will be equipped with several Insta360 cameras that will allow it to capture its journey when facing the greatest challenges.

“This is a unique project for sailors and non-sailors. It’s a true American adventure with the ability to inspire fantasies of all ages, ”said Mathieu Dumont, Executive Producer of 2Oceans1Rock.

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