SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Entrepreneurs have waited six months for San Francisco to return to the least restrictive COVID-19 Yellow Yier.

Now the city is ready to invade them this week. The state’s announcement is expected on Tuesday, and when the time comes, new guidelines will go into effect on Friday, May 7th.

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The promise to switch to yellow has upset businesses over a rush of activity.

The newly opened Wilder restaurant and bar on the corner of Fillmore Street and Greenwich Street in the marina said they planned to open with the possible easing of restrictions by the city.

Wilder serves an eclectic mix of international home cooking, brunch and special drinks such as the Smoky George.

“The city is definitely getting a lot busier. We noticed so we decided to do this week April 30th just to get under our feet and get used to it because we know it’ll only get busier, ”said bar manager Sean Doolan. “And the yellow step will happen. We’ll hopefully open Westwood too, so we both have spots. “

Prior to Wilder’s debut, the sister restaurant and bar Westwood acted as a pop-up in his room.

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Under the yellow step, bars may be operated indoors with a capacity of 25% without food having to be served. Restaurants inside stay 50% full, but tables can accommodate up to 8 people. Gyms and fitness studios can be opened 50 percent indoors.

That’s a big deal for Lagree Fit 415, a full-body Pilates workout room in Mission Bay that has been completely closed since November. They are waiting for the official reopening of the Yellow Level.

“I’m just waiting for that energy to come back into the studio, the loud music, the community we built and you know you can get a really good workout here in 40 minutes,” said owner Katie Lyons. “This is not something you can do online. I hope people come back and are very excited to get back on the machine.”

Lyons says she removed a few machines to make room for plenty of social distancing and will start with smaller classes. Temperature tests and masks are required. Lyons has also improved the ventilation system.

“More and more people are being vaccinated. I think they’ll be comfortable when they come into the studio, and we can now open to a higher percentage so it makes a lot more sense financially, ”she said.

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To date, 48% of San Francisco residents over the age of 16 have been fully vaccinated.