That weekend, the Mission District was filled with Latin rock music, the sounds of bongo drums, and a tangible appreciation for San Francisco’s first normal in-person Carnaval festival since the pandemic began.

Last year, SF’s Carnaval Festival – a late May festival celebrating the Latin American, Caribbean and African diversity in the Bay Area – effectively closed; The 2020 iteration of the festival was turned into a virtual experience that included a few IRL niceties like a small job fair, a COVID-19 test page, and some vendors.

But as vaccination rates continue to rise in the city, the famous street festival for 2021 has turned into a semblance of its former self.

Food vendors have been seen offering authentic Afro-Caribbean dishes; People, young and old, performed “friendship dances”; Stations were dedicated to hands-on crafts for children, while adults could browse nearby craft products – like handcrafted wallets, locally sourced honey, a huge selection of succulents and other potable plants, and more. (However, there was no parade this year.)

And in keeping with the times: COVID-19 vaccination and testing centers were on site and ready to help each of the 23% of San Franciscans who have not yet received their first dose.

If you missed the two-day events of the two-day event that officially ended at 5 p.m. today, here are some of our favorite tweets and IG uploads from the San Francisco Carnaval for 2021.

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Image: Instagram via @carnavalsf