San Francisco (KGO) – The workplace has changed, as we’ve seen over the past year. When we got out of the pandemic there were changes in the way we shop and look for the convenience of home delivery. The popular Ferry Building Farmers Market in San Francisco is a new way for food lovers to find fruit and vegetables for producers across the region.

Lonely Mountain Farm in Watsonville is a family owned farm that produces year round. The Bakers have been farming 12 hectares of land for 11 years. Twice a week they sell their crops at the Ferry Building Farmers Market.

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“Everyone knows farming is not an easy job, but the hardest part is when you can’t find a place to get it back after you’ve gotten food and put all your work into it. Kenny Baker stood in the field and said.

The popular market crowds were hit by the pandemic when they stocked up on supplies here last year when teleworking closed nearby offices and restaurants.

CUESA (City Education Center for Sustainable Agriculture), a non-profit that runs the market, has developed a roadside pickup market box to help farmers. A new strategy was born because the market is aware of how accustomed consumers are to home delivery. The Ferry Building Farmers Market Delivered starts next week.

“It’s okay if you can’t go to the farmers market on a certain Saturday,” said Christine Farren, CUESA’s general manager. “You can still order online from your favorite farmer and have it delivered to your home. Then you’ll be back on the market next week or next week. “

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Twelve producers have been added and more will be added in the coming months. Shipping is handled by another family business, The Fruit Guys, and ships to all nine counties in the Bay Area with a $ 10 delivery fee. There is no minimum order quantity.

Kenny Baker says this will help increase sales, but it will not replace the training and personal contact he enjoys with buyers in the market.

“We share the story and tell what happens on the farm,” he said. “It seems to be really good for both of us to get in touch with the city and the court.”

Online orders are accepted Monday through Thursday evening and delivered on Saturdays. Over time, we plan to expand to 24/7 orders and more frequent deliveries. Here is a link to that website ..

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San Francisco’s Ferry Building Farmer’s Market Launches Home Delivery in 9 Bay Area Counties Source link San Francisco’s Ferry Building Farmer’s Market Launches Home Delivery in 9 Bay Area Counties