Baker Beach attracts crowds eager to escape the sizzle on Memorial Day

Baker Beach in San Francisco drew a huge crowd of revelers looking relieved from the Bay Area Memorial Day heat.

High temperatures in the Bay Area drive people to the beaches this Memorial Day weekend as the first blast furnace of the year roasted the region.

Baker Beach in San Francisco proved to be an irresistible draw for many.

“Today it will be 103 in Brentwood. 103,” said Ignacio Castro, who took his family to the beach for some relief. “So we had to go out, get to the coast somewhere and cool off.”

A heat warning came into effect for parts of the Bay Area on Monday lunchtime.

The strong wind and the 57-degree water were perhaps a bit too cold for some.

“Oh my god it was freezing to get out of there,” said Nadia Renane from Dublin. “But I wanted to have the experience of going into the water. But it was so cold! Oh my god, I don’t know if I would do it again. “

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San Francisco’s beaches weren’t the only attraction. Memorial Day visitors made their way to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf.

“The weather is beautiful, it’s perfect,” said Zack Kimura from San Jose. “I don’t think you’ll get a better day in SF than this one.”

Kimura said he was looking for a fun place for the family this holiday weekend.

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“We come from San Jose or we come from San Jose. So, only here for the weekend. My wife is at a baby shower, ”said Kimura. “Well, I have the two children for today.”

One of the big attractions at Pier 39 is the Aquarium of the Bay. Visitors waited patiently in sometimes long lines to enter.

Many visitors from the warmer parts of the Bay Area are looking for a cool place to enjoy Memorial Day.

“Our demographics are changing a bit,” said Christoher Low of the Aquarium of the Bay. “It used to be mostly tourists from the city. Now we have mostly locals. They buy their tickets online.”