April 30, 2021

Starting May 1st, a week-long series of events will highlight recreation and celebrate the resilience and vibrancy of small businesses in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA. – Mayor of London N. Breed today announced the start of Small Business Week in San Francisco, which will run from Saturday May 1st to Friday May 7th, 2021. This year’s Small Business Week will feature resources and information that will assist small businesses and entrepreneurs like San Francisco on their journey to recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 94,000 small businesses in San Francisco make up over 93% of all businesses in the city and support more than 364,000 jobs. As the cornerstone of the neighborhoods and communities of San Francisco, the small business sector will be central to the city’s economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic decimated many of our small businesses. Everywhere, entrepreneurs and their employees have demonstrated enormous resilience and strength, with many having adapted their business models and implementing public health guidelines,” said Mayor Rasse. “With more businesses and activities reopening and more people being vaccinated every day, the future is bright for our city. We all must do our part to help our small businesses recover and move forward. This small business week will be San Francisco’s provide small businesses with the resources and support to help them stay open and come back even stronger than before. ”

The theme of the 17th annual San Francisco Small Business Week is Roots of Recovery. The week will contain resources and information for small business owners at any point in their small business trip. The city has partnered with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce to host a series of briefings, networking opportunities, and business-building workshops to highlight the resources and best practices available for business as the city moves towards recovery.

“This Small Business Week is a great opportunity for San Franciscans to celebrate the incredible resilience of our small businesses and to support our neighborhood dealers as they reopen after a year of unprecedented challenges,” said Anne Taupier, acting director of the Office of Economic and Economic Affairs Workforce development. “Small businesses are the economic and cultural cornerstones of our communities. Right now, they rely on us all to shop small, protect local jobs, and work together to support a stronger, more vibrant San Francisco.”

“Our small businesses in San Francisco have faced real hardship over the past year, but we’ve shown how resilient and dynamic our small businesses can be,” said Rodney Fong, president and CEO of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. “Our residents stepped up to support their beloved neighborhood businesses during the pandemic. That sentiment should be celebrated during Small Business Week and throughout the year. I look forward to this year’s San Francisco Small Business Week as an opportunity to promote our small businesses than to help we expect a recovery. ”

This Saturday, May 1st, Small Business Week begins with the installation of 13 flower butterflies in the commercial corridors of San Francisco. The butterfly wings, built by local artists and designers, are six to nine feet in diameter and are made from natural materials and fresh flowers. The wings are a partnership with the San Francisco Flower Mart, the Bureau of Economic and Human Resources Development, and Kilroy Realty, and are designed to attract shoppers to the San Francisco commercial corridors. You can find a map of the wings at Shop and Dine at 49.

May 1st also marks the start of the 30-Day Small Business Challenge. The challenge is organized by the President of the Small Business Commission, Sharky Laguana, and Small Business Owner and SFMTA Board Director Manny Yekutiel. It begins May 1st and runs through May 31st with the aim of encouraging individuals to shop at local businesses for all of their shopping needs throughout the month and for all of their shopping needs as much as they can. People who choose to participate will be encouraged to post on social media using the hashtag #SmallBizChallenge. More information can be found here.

“It’s so exciting to see the city open up again, and the 30-Day Small Business Challenge is a great way to help our small businesses recover,” said Sharky Laguana, president of the Small Business Commission. “We all use online shops and services, so it will be an interesting challenge to see if we can get by just shopping and eating in our local small businesses for the month of May. We hope everyone tags their favorite small businesses Use the hashtag #SmallBizChallenge to visit our website at SmallBiz30.com to accept our promise challenge and find interesting shopping opportunities! “

Since the pandemic began, the city of San Francisco has provided immediate and continuous support to small businesses, including providing more than $ 50 million in grants and loans to more than 3,500 small businesses, fees and tens of millions of dollars in tax deferrals. and assistance in applying for state and federal funds. This includes laws put in place and signed by Mayor Breed to waive $ 5 million in fees and taxes for entertainment, nightlife and small restaurants. This means that companies that receive a waiver will not have to repay the fees at a later date.

In addition to creating and supporting programs that address the urgent and ongoing needs of COVID-19, Mayor Breed has continued to invest in programs that regularly support small businesses in San Francisco, including the nonprofit sustainability initiative and grants for the arts. Finally, the city has pushed numerous initiatives to make businesses easier to operate and open during COVID-19 and beyond, such as the Shared Spaces program and the Small Business Recovery Act that is currently being presented to the board of directors.

Small business owners and employees looking for support should contact oewd.org/covid19. Corporations can also call the hotline at 415-554-6134, and employees can call the hotline at 415-701-4817. Support is available in multiple languages.

For more information on San Francisco Small Business Support, please visit here.

About the Small Business Week
This year’s San Francisco Small Business Week, held May 1-7, is a partnership between corporations and government organizations to honor and support the thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs that call San Francisco home. National Small Business Week recognizes the contributions and achievements of small business owners with a series of educational and networking events designed to inspire, empower, and connect members of our business community. For more information on San Francisco Small Business Week, visit sfsmallbusinessweek.com.

This news release was prepared by the office of the Mayor of San Francisco. The views expressed here are the author’s own.