Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column researching what you can rent for a set dollar in different neighborhoods. Is one person’s studio another person’s townhouse? Today’s price: $ 2,500.

This Oak Street apartment in Haight is, according to the latest listing, the “ultimate private large studio” – which sounds encouraging, but it’s hard to analyze what that means. On the other hand, it is very obvious what they mean when they promise “Victorian tower windows” – one of the signature joys of classic San Francisco architecture, and in this case they look straight out onto the panhandle. This cranberry colored rug looks a bit retro but the ad says it’s new. Dogs aren’t allowed here, but cats are fine for anyone who can pay $ 2,500 a month.

This Hayes Valley studio on Fell Street looks cramped, and the kitchenette barely fits in the corner on the other side of a protruding cupboard off the entrance. But there is only one thing about brickwork that always enchants and feels appropriate in the middle of this fire-engine red building from 1907. The landlord also promises a rental inspection – in this case $ 2,495 per month – and no restrictions or additional fees on pets.

There is something strangely charming about this living / labor camp on Bayshore Boulevard. Aesthetically, it’s a little messy. And the layout is mystifying. However, the listing reassures potential renters that this is a “quiet place in a supportive community” for creative people, measuring 785 square feet (quite large for a studio) with ceilings up to 14 feet. An ideal home for an artsy guy, provided they have $ 2,500 a month to do it. Unfortunately, the bohemian spirit doesn’t go as far as to allow pets.

This Bayview listing features an actual one bedroom condo. Note: The ad suggests using the living room as a second bedroom – shamelessly, but let’s not pretend it’s the only place you can try it out. But even with that one extra room, the entire house is 400 square feet and costs $ 2,450 a month. The parquet floor is a nice touch. Not a word about pets.

After all, this little studio on Sacramento Street isn’t just a Pac Heights pad, it’s right next to Lafayette Park for a luxurious locale. The apartment itself is more or less functional – these pictures are more for a “similar unit” than the one stated in the ad – and even the advertised private terrace looks a bit claustrophobic. But the lease includes pets, and it’s a really great place – for $ 2,500.


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    Islais Creek Living / Working

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    Bayview apartment

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    Pac Heights Studio

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