SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – With people forced indoors, it looks like the criminal activity hasn’t stopped, just adjusted to the new normal.

At the last review of the San Francisco Police Department, crime statistics compared November this year with November 2019:

  • Burglary across the city increased 42%
  • The arson has increased by 39%
  • Stolen cars saw a 34% increase
  • Homicides up 32%

Police believe the increase in murders is still largely due to gangs.

The crimes that require more personal contact have all declined.

Rape by 48%, theft by 39% versus a car, especially 42% because we’ve seen the entire vehicle itself stolen, not just what’s in it. Robbery by 25% and attack by 16%.

Officer Robert Rueca explains that although it is quieter than normal out there, one might assume there are fewer problems, but criminals have changed their behavior to accommodate the remaining possibilities.

We saw their latest campaign to teach residents how to better protect their garages, which were heavily attacked by thieves this year.

SFPD believes that a small group is behind most of these break-ins.

They report that arrests have also risen, but for example 39 in the Tenderloin alone in the past seven days, but explain some post-bail or are released over COVID concerns, so they end up pursuing repeat offenders.

SFPD Tenderloin reports that a violent criminal tried to kidnap and steal a woman this week.

He was arrested for the tenth time in less than three years.