A A week after the CDC updated its official guidelines, San Francisco finally followed suit. And we can all exercise outdoors again without a piece of cloth over our mouths affecting our ability to breathe deeply.

“The announcement by the CDC that they are fully vaccinated, and in some cases, toosIf people are not vaccinated and no longer have to wear masks in certain outdoor environments, this is fantastic news that reflects the science and data we now have on the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing community spread and reducing it the fall rates as well as the minimal risk of outdoor transmission. “Said the acting SFDPH health officer Dr. Philip in a statement.

Philip went on to say that San Francisco would follow the lead of the state in adopting similar guidelines; However, some official policy changes will still “take several days” to change.

So, alas, we can all end the cumbersome game of pulling up our masks when we pass someone on the sidewalk. Or find a place in Dolores Park. Or take your dog down the Slow Streets corridor on the Great Highway.

“And you no longer have to pull up your mask when you simply drive others past on a sidewalk or path as passing people by is not a transmission risk,” added Philips. “Anyone who is fully vaccinated is no longer required to have face covering outdoors unless a more specific rule requires it, such as at a major sporting event.”

Well all in all, it’s still important to wear your mask when you’re in a restaurant or bar, for example (food has been served ever since to meet SF guidelines). If you are outside in large crowds, wearing masks is still recommended. This applies in particular to groups of people with “unknown” vaccination status.

“San Francisco did an excellent job during this pandemic by making everyone committed to following health guidelines,” concludes Dr. Philip in her statement. “Let’s get on with the good work so that we can keep reopening our city and resuming the activities we love.”

San Francisco is also expected to enter the state’s yellow tier later on Tuesday or by the end of the week at the latest.