Eat the whole fried branzino in Beit Rima

The Castro, Cole Valley
Beit Rima is notable for its perfectly prepared next level Palestinian food, including perfect mezze (like hummus, ful, lebeheh, and grilled halloumi) and flavorful kebabs and falafel. Even more special are the divisible, large-format main courses such as tenderly braised leg of lamb or your whole roasted branzino. Whatever you do, order plenty of handmade pita with za’atar top.
How to order : Beit Reima is open for takeaway, delivery and al fresco dining. Order online here.

Give in to the fancy toast trend

Outer Sunset, Western Complement, Richmond
There are still some unbelievers who are prone to snarky comments regarding $ 5 toast, but they probably haven’t experienced the magic that is a sliced ​​platter or a well-toasted bread that’s luscious with cinnamon sugar or almond butter or fresh jam is topped. Cinnamon toast at Trouble Coffee was one of the first and remains one of the best, especially paired with a cappuccino on Ocean Beach. The toast of the mill is hard to beat. Freshly baked whole grain breads make a great vehicle for everything from avocados to nut butters to seasonal jams. And Breadbelly quickly became a favorite thanks to their excellent kaya toast with coconut jam and pandan on fresh milk bread.
How to order : Trouble and The Mill are open for takeout; Visit them to order in person. Bread belly is open to take away; Visit to order or order online.