San Francisco (KGO) – Many of us took a giant step this Memorial Day weekend, traveling for the first time since the pandemic started.

But is it okay to stay in a hotel, for example?

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Experts say it depends on your vaccination status.

“I’m smiling under the mask,” said Sally Miguel.

Sally and Eric Miguel, from Sacramento, are spending Memorial Day weekend in San Francisco. This is my first trip abroad in over a year.

Eric Miguel said, “Just go back out there and you will feel free.”

For many of us, Memorial Day weekends are the first holidays in a long time to feel like a public holiday.

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The number of people who take the plunge and go out is increasing.

“More people are booking our hotel this weekend on Memorial Day,” said Kevin Carroll, president and CEO of the San Francisco Hotel Council.

Carroll says tourists are slowly returning.

“When we come to a hotel, we’re not just helping the hotel, the city, the staff and restaurants around the hotel,” says Carroll.

But for some, staying in a hotel is a big step in getting out of the pandemic, but some are hesitant. However, experts say that in most cases, checking in is safe.

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“My advice is to do it when you are fully vaccinated,” said Dr. George Rutherford, professor of epidemiology at the University of California at San Francisco.

However, Rutherford is giving this travel warning to unvaccinated people as the COVID is still there.

“If you haven’t been vaccinated, you have to watch out for all kinds of things.

Guests at the newly opened Palace Hotel can watch a video of the hotel’s cleaning procedures, with everything from equipment and light switches to the disinfected TV remote control. The city’s health department is now calling for the same procedure for all hotels.

“We’re fine,” added Eric Miguel.

And feeling good is the first step to getting back there.

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San Francisco hotels welcome more travelers on Memorial Day weekend, but is it safe? Experts Say It Depends on it Source link San Francisco hotels are welcoming more travelers on Memorial Day weekend, but is it safe? Experts say it depends