No blanket: for what you remember

Jennifer Charleston, a 20-year-old Springfield Police Department veteran and the only female lieutenant in the department, speaks to SBJ’s Christine Temple about her career in law enforcement and her new position in the department as a liaison officer for the LGBTQ + community.

Moving to digital rooms

Moving from physical meetings to digital meetings can feel like an obstacle, but Mackenzie Scherer, an independent consultant for tech companies, says this can be an opportunity. According to Scherer, a digital meeting experience with good moderation can lead to the participants feeling more involved in the discussion.

Build houses with corporate partners

Abby Glenn, Head of Development at Habitat for Humanity, says corporate partners are a great asset to their work. Corporate donation matching programs help individual donors feel like they are contributing more and help Habitat for Humanity meet the high costs of their projects.

Establishment of educational partnerships

Alex Neville-Verdugo, Museum Director at the Discovery Center in Springfield, describes the opportunities the Discovery Center offers through partnerships with other educational organizations. According to Neville-Verdugo, the Discovery Center’s virtual learning program spans multiple countries, with traffic coming mostly from the US and Canada.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Working Women

Elizabeth Hurst, business development manager at HR Advantage, says there are fewer women in the workforce today than before the pandemic. According to Hurst, many women want a more flexible work environment, and this is how employers can capture the female workforce.

Work hard, play hard

Curtis Marshall, CEO of the Tie & Timber Beer Company, sees work-life balance very differently. When he was younger, he pushed himself to take on more and more responsibilities but stopped and kept his career on hold for months while living in New Zealand or Mexico, or to start a pet software project. He says his philosophy is to work hard and play hard.

The mother of invention

Brent Cochran didn’t think he would become a retailer, but when he was pondering ways to keep his young adult son with Down syndrome intellectually engaged, he came across a father and son team that did just that. Cochran, now owner of Al’s Pals Pet Place, says his son’s needs as well as his affection for the family dog ​​with a sensitive stomach drew him into the world of e-commerce.

When life gives you lemons

Michelle Romero, co-owner of PKD Venue, says her company has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by changing its business model to include food service. Now, in addition to serving as a rental location, they can keep their earnings online and collect and process orders.

What to Expect from Your MBA Program

Dr. Clifton Petty, dean of the Breech School of Business at Drury University, identifies three priorities for an effective MBA program. According to Petty, students in an MBA program should look for an entrepreneurial focus, a cohesive group of fellow students, and an emphasis on hands-on experience. This is sponsored content.

Create time to network

Megan Short, executive director of the Springfield Contractors Association, explains her company’s organizational strategies for promoting networking. She encourages organizing networking events around specific activities and explicitly devoting time to events so that people can chat and entertain.