SAN FRANCISCO – Julia Collins was born and raised in San Francisco. If you want to change the world, you have to change the food system. And that’s exactly what she does. From a young age she had an entrepreneurial spirit that made her the successful business woman she is today. In 2015 she co-founded Zume Pizza and founded Planet FWD in 2019.

“I’ve always loved taking something from an idea to a product and market and building a team on it. When I was a little kid, I would pick flowers in the neighborhood and turn them into bouquets a car wash. I’ve always loved working, “explained Collins.

Julia spent many years in the New York restaurant industry before returning to San Francisco in 2015. She wanted to be closer to the family and decided it was time to change her career.

“I wanted to spin out of the brick and mortar, the more traditional restaurant industry, and into this really exciting new emerging industry called food tech. And I thought there was probably a very special opportunity to bring my passion for food and restaurants together with my deep love for technology, “said Collins.

This is how Zume Pizza was born. A robot-powered pizza and delivery shop that really inspired the spirit of the imagination. But there was another calling for Julia. After becoming a parent, she realized what food was really supposed to be.

“I thought about the experience of being responsible for another person and felt very focused and energetic with the idea of ​​completely rebuilding our food system. So that it can be climate-neutral, climate-friendly and regenerative.” said Collins. “And what happened for me was just this inner awareness of my purpose. That’s why I decided to pull back from Zume Pizza and really start working on Planet FWD.”

Planet FWD’s mission is to help tackle the climate crisis by making it easier to bring climate-friendly products to market.

“What we want to do at Planet FWD is to help convert our food systems back to the principles of carbon sequestration and natural carbon balancing. And we can do this through what we call regenerative farming practices, or by going back to indigenous people Practices We Are Associated With. ” the country and the administration of the country, “said Collins.

In addition to helping the planet, Planet FWD also provides snacks and software to its customers. Moonshot snacks use ingredients sourced from regenerative farming practices that are healthy and tasty. Software is available so that other companies can bring sustainable and climate-neutral food to the market.

There are also ways to make an individual difference. From a more plant-based lifestyle to reducing food waste, these decisions can have an impact and provide impetus.

Collins believes, “You make a choice in your own life. And you tell your neighbor, you tell your sister, you tell your partner. And that’s how movements happen. So we believe that at Moonshot we don’t just encourage people. ” To buy a climate-friendly snack, we really hope we start a new food movement. It’s about living more climate-friendly. ”

Find out more about Julia, Planet FWD and Moonshot Snacks here.

Moonshot snacks are available from the following Bay Area retailers: Raley’s, Bi-Rite Market, New Leaf, and Berkeley Bowl. Find out more about Moonshot snacks here.