The city of San Francisco expects to enter the yellow COVID-19 reopening stage next week.

Bar owners and customers are hoping the city will move to the Yellow Plain so their business can get back inside as it takes a long time to have a drink outside in the foggy cold of San Francisco.

One of the biggest changes in the yellow range is that bars that do not serve food can be opened indoors to a capacity of 25%. Other changes include allowing indoor gyms, wineries, and tasting rooms to open at 50% capacity, while allowing outdoor live events at 67% capacity.

It’s more likely that San Francisco could switch to the least restrictive yellow tier. Health leaders say they are optimistic that the state will bring San Francisco to yellow by next Friday.

Bar owner Damon Bell said he was ready to welcome people back into the house at 25% capacity.

“There are 12 people inside from the cold. 12 people stay after six or seven o’clock, ”he said.

At Blooms Saloon, they can have people around the house because they work with other restaurants and serve food. But the workers say they are ready to be a bar again.

“We have to get the food and call it and now we can just serve whatever our customers want inside,” said Barbara Jo Tice, bartender at Blooms Saloon.

While you may not actually be able to sit at the bar, medical experts say it is safe to sit in it.

“I think it’s safe if we don’t just have numbers with a positivity rate less than 1%. But also the vaccination efforts, ”said Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, Infectious Disease Specialist at UCSF.

Customers look forward to a warmer variant.