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In late April, a midsize credit union serving counties in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area launched a new digital banking platform. Within three weeks, the credit union’s desktop platform and mobile app had an impressive acceptance rate of more than 50% among private customers and commercial bank members.

Headquartered in Livermore, California ($ 599.6 million in assets, nearly 30,000 members), UNCLE Credit Union has seen some notable numbers after switching to Alkami Technology, Inc.’s digital banking platform. The digital banking partnership with Alkami from Plano, Texas, has made a new, fast, secure and comprehensive banking system available to UNCLE members.

“Our priority has been to provide an innovative solution that makes it easy and convenient for members to go about their daily banking business, but also gives them a powerful tool to better manage their overall financial life and wellbeing,” explains Dean Lam. , UNCLE’s vice president of digital banking, said.

It is noteworthy that UNCLE’s digital banking department was only founded last year.

Alkami’s unified user interface enables members to synchronize all UNCLE banking functions on desktop and mobile devices.

“Coupled with an intuitive user interface, the new platform gives members vital insights into their overall financial health and helps them improve decision-making and planning for better prospects,” said Lam.

According to a statement from UNCLE’s chief technology officer James Fisher, the credit union does not seem to have finished investing in new tech skills.

“Continuous investment in advanced technologies is essential for any financial cooperative in the current business climate and is an integral part of both our growth strategy and our focus on outstanding service.”

Fisher continued, “With the upgrade, we are offering a state-of-the-art digital banking platform that is not only efficient and easy for our members to use, but can also seamlessly integrate third-party applications to support the new products and services.” Members want. In addition, its highly scalable architecture will enable improved efficiency as our user base and membership continue to grow. “