This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 16 Road Game against the Arizona Cardinals. I will update this regularly with information and analysis from my living room.

11:45 Key to the game for the 49ers:

1. Flip the ball less than four times.

2. Keep the quarterback healthy for all four quarters.

3. Allow less than five bags.

4. Don’t let CJ Beathard lose the game.

5. Don’t let Mike McGlinchey lose the game.

6. Play as little as possible against George Kittle so that he does not get injured in a meaningless game.

7. Take the ball at least 40 times. Give the ball to Tevin, if necessary to Coleman.

8. Pass the ball as infrequently as possible.

9. Make sure Kyle Shanahan text Grant if he has any questions.

12:00 Here are the inactive 49ers:

Javon Kinlaw

Richard Sherman

Dion Jordan

Kevin Givens

Jimmie Ward

Deebo Samuel

Matt Cole

12:01 PM Kinlaw missed Tuesday and Wednesday training with a knee injury. I don’t know if it’s the same knee that was flagged as potentially arthritic on the NFL Scouting Combine. If so, that’s bad news. Kinlaw has 1.5 sacks and four QB hits this season.

12:02 PM I would be shocked if Sherman played another Snap in a 49ers uniform. He has to focus on finding a new team to sign in a few months, but will he find this team? If I were a general manager, I wouldn’t sign Sherman. His career is toast.

1:30 The 49ers win the roll and move. The cardinals get the ball first.


1:37 Third and eighth in the 49ers 9, Christian Kirk drops a pass in the end zone and Tarvarius Moore hits him in the head for a good measure at the end of the game. The Cardinals shoot a 27-yard field goal.

49ers 0, Cardinals 3.

1:38 Ahkello Witherspoon gave up a 38 meter pass at Kirk during this trip. Let’s see if Witherspoon goes into the tank after a bad game like he almost always does.

1:43 On the third and seventh of the 49ers 37, CJ Beathard is fired. Shocker. The 49ers sting. They were in third and long place because Beathard threw an incomplete pass into first place after running 14 yards with two porters. It’s good that Shanahan called this pass down first.

1:47 On the third and tenth of the Cardinals 27, Ahkello Witherspoon flashes off Kyler Murray’s right and crawls left, which he doesn’t want to do, so he turns back right and throws the ball away. Great call from Robert Saleh.

1:56 On the second and eighth of the Cardinals 21, Beathard throws a touchdown pass down the middle to Jeff Wilson Jr. Excellent route and catch from Wilson. Great litter from Beathard. Nice drive from Kyle Shanahan.

49ers 7, Cardinals 3.


2:11 Dre Greenlaw meets the third and eleventh of the 49ers 39 on the Kenyan Drake and loses a meter. The 49ers get the ball at 15 after the punt.

2:12 K’Waun Williams left the field on a cart after injuring his leg.

2:19 Kendrick Bourne makes false starts on the first and tenth of Arizona 43. Two games later, on the second and the twelfth, Kyle Juszczyk drops a pass over the middle. In the next game, Richie James Jr. drops a short pass over the middle. Simple passing games are such an adventure for the 49ers. You sting.

2:27 On the third and seventh of the 49ers 39, DeAndre Hopkins drops a pass from Murray and the Cardinals stab. The 49ers get it when they turn 9.

2:30 On the second and eighth of the 49ers 11, Shanahan inexplicably calls a straight drop-back pass and Beathard is fired. The 49ers play two games later.

2:41 On the third and tenth of the 49ers, Jason Verrett breaks a deep pass destined for Hopkins in the end zone. Excellent game by Verrett.

2:42 The Cardinals score a 43-yard field goal with a 35-second lead in the first half.

49ers 7, Cardinals 6.

2:48 Shanahan calls four straight drop-back passes in a row and the fourth leads to a fumble from Beathard after Mike McGlinchey is marginally beaten. I’m surprised it took four games for that to happen.


3:10 In third and third place for the Cardinals 23, Beathard throws an incomplete pass over the middle intended for Jordan Reed.

3:12 Robbie Gould misses a 41-yard field goal on the far right.

3:15 In second and eleventh place, K’Waun Williams flashes and dismisses Murray for a loss of seven meters. Williams came from Murray’s right side so he couldn’t climb onto the side of his limb. Ingenious adaptation by Robert Saleh who forces a three. The 49ers get the ball on their 28 after the jump-off.

3:24 On the third and tenth of the Cardinals 19, Beathard checks out to Jerick McKinnon, who breaks a tackle and wins 10 yards. In the next game, Beathard throws a touchdown pass to Juszczyk at the apartment. Nice drive from Beathard and Shanahan. Beathard plays his way to the 2021 roster.

49ers 14, Cardinals 6.

3:30 Murray makes a short pass to his narrow end, the 49ers pull the ball from him and recover at the Arizona 36. The 49ers can now achieve a two point lead with a field goal.

3:31 On the second and the 13th, Beathard Wilson missed a layup at the apartment. And on the third and the 13th, Beathard rolls to his right and is almost picked up. The 49ers go three and out. Big missed opportunity when they stab and get zero points.