(Courtesy photo by Arthur Patterson / sfist)

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The owner of a private commuter shuttle bus who blocked the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s service Tuesday morning is charged for the disruption.

The Royal Coach commuter shuttle was traveling down 21st Street in Noe Valley when it stopped just above the tracks on the J Church line and needed to be towed.

Paul Rose, spokesman for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, said this was bad news for drivers and ammo.

“J Church couldn’t get through on the 21st and Chattanooga. So we had to provide a shuttle service from that place to get people around this area and then downtown, ”said Rose.

Now Muni is trying to win back the money they spent on restoring the service.

“We are trying to reimburse the cost of additional services to reach our passengers and customers in this area,” said Rose. It is not sure how much the company will be billed.

A spokesman for Royal Coach said he couldn’t comment on it and didn’t know who the bus was, but confirmed that the company was transporting technicians in the neighborhood.