Artist Bearsun left Los Angeles on foot on April 12th and expects to reach his destination on April 23rd.

After leaving Los Angeles On April 12, an artist named Bearsun walked north on Hwy 198 and Hwy 25 to Hollister. He was tired but kept walking, determined to get to San Francisco on foot. BenitoLink caught up with him a few miles south of Paicine’s store and only 100 miles away he was delighted to talk about his trip and snap some pictures with a San Benito family who stopped by to say hello.

Bearsun is an illustrator based in Los Angeles and wears the costume of one of his characters, a bright orange cartoon bear. He walks alone and camps out at night when he finds a safe place. He wears the suit all day. He said he camped in Bitterwater the night before and even though it was cold he felt safe knowing he only had three nights left.

While he first had to buy groceries, he said now people give him food and electrolyte drinks along the way. People are friendly, he said, adding that he has to be careful with vehicles.

“I use all of my senses on the street,” said Bearsun. He stops as each car goes by so he can listen to another car.

He was coming west from Highway 198 to San Benito County and got lost a little before finding Highway 25. He said he feels fine now with several free routes to take to San Francisco and expects to get there on April 23. Once there, Bearsun will meet up with friends and drive back to Southern California.

Cortnee Bowers, from the county, stopped with her family to say hello and snap a picture. She said her eldest, Riley, 4, was a little unsure of the situation, but Riley was a soldier and was approaching him. Kinsely, 2, smiled a lot when we talked on the side of the road. Bowers said of Bearsun’s trip, “This is great.” She thought it was a fantastic idea and showed BenitoLink some photos of Tres Pinos students who had gone further south earlier in the day to meet Bearsun.

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