A 2-year-old male mountain lion found Wednesday night in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco was released to a “more convenient location” after treatment at the Oakland Zoo.

The mountain lion was unofficially named Mr Handsome by Oakland Zoo veterinarian Alex Herman. She said he had been treated for parasites and received vaccinations and a microchip during his stay.

The Oakland Zoo footage shows it being examined by staff before it is evicted into an uninhabited area “to continue living freely in the wild,” Herman said.

In a statement released to Storyful, Oakland Zoo said, “Long-distance travel to neighborhoods is not uncommon for mountain lions at this time. Mountain lions are far-reaching species that are known to exhibit “dispersal behaviors” that result in them traveling long distances in search of food, good homes, and mates. “

Storyful contributed to this report.

David Caraccio is a Sacramento Bee born and raised video producer for The Sacramento Bee. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and a longtime journalist who has worked as a reporter, editor, page designer, and digital content producer for newspapers.