He has a huge padded head, perfectly round red cheeks and a bobble tail and goes from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Jesse Larios says he doesn’t know exactly what inspired him to dress up as the character he called Bearsun and begin the 405-mile journey, but he was pleased with the attention the move got had received.

“It was definitely an impulsive decision. I didn’t plan it,” said the 33-year-old in the brown and white suit he designed.

The journey that Larios began on April 12th has turned into something bigger and is attracting fans from all over the world.

Larios opened a GoFundMe account that raised $ 7,100 on Wednesday. When he arrived in San Francisco, he said he was planning an online vote to determine where the money should be donated.

“I just want to help the people,” said Larios.

Larios stopped on the way to sleep and eat, but not much else. He visits gas stations to eat and tidy up and just sleeps in a suit wherever he is at the end of the day. The trip has already taken longer than expected, but he said he was in no great rush.

Instead, he goes for a walk, enjoys the views he posts on Instagram, and gets inspiration from the trip and all the people he met along the way.

“It was all pretty wild to be honest,” said Larios. “It inspires me to do new things. It brings new ideas. It encourages my creativity. It helps a lot and it feels good too.”

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