SAN FRANCISCO – On September 24th, FoodTrux, a Portland, Maine technology company, announced the launch of its Food Truck Locator app in the greater San Francisco area. The app has direct access to over 50 food trucks and counts.

FoodTrux is a GPS-enabled food truck app locator in real time that connects customers with food truck providers. According to their website, the app offers food truck locations, turn-by-turn directions, menu choices, daily specials, promotions and local events.

“The culinary diversity in the San Francisco food truck scene is by far one of the most dynamic in the nation,” said Matt Noone, CEO of FoodTrux, in a press release. “We are pleased to offer a solution that supports both food truck foodies and suppliers.”

No one explained that the food truck industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the food industry. “The FoodTrux app enables faster access to the diversity of the kitchen in a safe and responsible environment,” he said.

In July, was acquired by FoodTrux. The two companies formed a partnership that aims to keep food trucks open and accessible to the public.