May 13, 2021

New Summer Together donations from Stripe, Instacart, Google, UNIQLO, LinkedIn, and Facebook will support San Francisco’s efforts to offer free summer programs for public school students

San Francisco, CA. – Mayor of London N. Breed and the TogetherSF community organization today announced significant new corporate sponsorship for the Summer Together initiative. Starting next month, Summer Together will offer a combination of free personal and virtual learning experiences for public school students this summer.

Summer Together is funded by a public-private partnership between the City of San Francisco and philanthropic support. Today Mayor Breed announced that the city has received additional business support for Summer Together from Stripe, Instacart, Google, UNIQLO, LinkedIn and Facebook. These new contributions come on top of Crankstart’s $ 25 million philanthropic gift that helped launch the initiative. Other companies interested in supporting Summer Together can provide both financial and non-monetary support through the Give2SF COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, e.g. B. Food or physical space for study programs.

“I’m so excited that we can offer both face-to-face and virtual learning opportunities to students in San Francisco this summer,” said Mayor Breed. “As we have said from the start of this pandemic, it takes a village to take care of our young people. Thanks to the generous contributions of these new sponsors, our Summer Together initiative is even stronger and has more resources to ensure that children in San Francisco have a great summer of learning and fun. “

Summer Together is designed to help students in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) experiencing learning losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic immerse themselves in meaningful, fun, and academically integrated programs and experiences. The initiative aims to support SFUSD students, with an emphasis on helping the city’s most needy students and families. Summer Together is a coalition of San Francisco community organizations, nonprofits, corporations, SFUSD, and city departments. TogetherSF, a community organization, provides administrative and operational support for the Summer Together initiative.

“It’s noteworthy that the local business community is working hard to make sure this is a great summer for the students in San Francisco,” said Griffin Gaffney, co-founder of TogetherSF, a volunteer network that helps raise corporate donations to help launch the Summer Together helped. “This is a moment when everyone is hands on deck for our city. We are proud to have these corporate partners come up to help. But we can’t stop there – and we hope that volunteers from all over the city will come out.” and.” Donate your time to ensure the Summer Together initiative is a great success for students and San Francisco. “

New support for the summer together

The San Francisco business community has come together to provide office space, transportation, food, and finance so that children can safely return to face-to-face learning and have the resources they need to be successful. Corporate donors were vital to this. The city will receive office space and 25 staffed buses from Google, groceries for 1,000 families from Instacart, 25,000 masks from UNIQLO, office space from Stripe and additional financial support from Facebook and LinkedIn.

“We’re excited to offer our Community Space and provide up to 25 shuttles and drivers to take San Francisco kids to their YMCA summer programs,” said Adrian Schurr, Bay Area Giving Lead of “Students deserve every opportunity and we are proud to be part of the broader group that have come together to create a summer full of personal learning opportunities after over a year of distance learning.”

“Access is central to our mission. COVID-19 has increased systemic inequalities and we believe we are in a unique position to remove food barriers and support communities when families and children are having a very difficult year recover, “said Dani Dudeck, chief communications officer at Instacart. “We look forward to supporting our neighbors and the Summer Together initiative, together with our colleagues and local partners such as Together SF, which will provide food to 1,000 young people and their families in the summer.”

“UNIQLO is grateful for this opportunity to support the Summer Together initiative by donating 25,000 of our AIRism masks,” said Daisuke Tsukagoshi, CEO of UNIQLO USA, LLC. “We’re excited to be helping the community and helping everyone spend more time together safely, whether it’s playing outdoors or studying indoors.”

Summer Together Initiative

After a year out of the classroom, San Francisco public school students have fallen behind academically and emotionally. Mental health experts report that children of all ages experience severe social, emotional, and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. These learning and wellness issues are compounded significantly in children and families of African Americans, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, low-income, and English-speaking learners.

This year, the city and school district’s summer offerings focus on continuity of learning and will go beyond traditional programs and include curricula to tackle learning loss, ensure credit recovery for students and provide comprehensive support to families. Every single family receives a range of support options for their children, from free summer reading books that can be easily picked up at any San Francisco public library, to a full day of personal study at school locations, community hubs, or recreational and park camps.

Summer Together offers free learning opportunities that also include short-term support options such as mental health and wellness counseling if required.

  • Academic personal learning. Programming will take place in public school buildings, recreation and park centers, community spaces, and private commercial spaces supported by the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF) nonprofit organizations and SFUSD’s summer school program. (17,720 slots)
  • Personal summer camp. Students receive scholarships to attend summer camp with the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, private camp providers, and DCYF-funded community-level organizations. (8,300 slots)
  • Virtual learning opportunities. Online programming capabilities from public and private organizations. (2,000 students)
  • Independent learning. All SFUSD students are entitled to up to ten summer reading books distributed by the San Francisco Public Library. (50,000 students)

“After this pandemic, San Francisco will be known as the city that said we will do all we can to support our children and adolescents – especially those from our most marginalized communities – to get the support and services they need” said Maria Su, DCYF director. “We have proven this and will continue to deepen our commitment to building an infrastructure of cross-sector partnerships and collaborations in order to ensure the success of the children, young people and families in our city.”

DCYF has brought together partners from across the city to offer a variety of learning options available to San Francisco public school students. Families are encouraged to visit for up-to-date enrollment and resource information from participating summer camp and program partners. Registered students will begin programming on June 14, 2021.

For more information on Summer Together volunteer opportunities, visit

This news release was prepared by the office of the Mayor of San Francisco. The views expressed here are the author’s own.