According to the Taliban, Afghans can decide about the future as the US warns against abandoning the political transition process

KABUL: The Taliban do not seek a monopoly of power in Afghanistan, and US-led troops that have failed on the battlefield should stop meddling in the country’s affairs, a Taliban spokesman said on Saturday as the Taliban and its relations were broken Washington continue to persist sour.

A new chapter of distrust between the Taliban and Washington has opened since President Joe Biden unilaterally announced last month that US-led troops would not be held until May 1 under an agreement the previous administration signed with the Taliban to be withdrawn on Sept. 11.

Biden’s decision angered the Taliban, who accused the US of violating the landmark agreement, and prompted the movement to boycott their participation in an Afghan peace meeting until all foreign troops depart.

While the Taliban have not carried out an attack on US-led forces since then – an important part of the agreement signed in Doha, Qatar, over a year ago – the group has been in bloody skirmish with Afghan troops in more than half of the country Armed forces involved.

“We think that since the US lost the war, it wants to achieve its goals here by political means, but that is impossible. Afghans have the will and the independence to decide their own fate, ”the Taliban spokesman told Arab News.

Both Kabul and the Taliban blame each other for the rise in violence, amid concerns in some western capitals that the Taliban are trying to regain power by force, as it did in the 1990s after remaining foreign soldiers left .

The concern was highlighted at a meeting between EU, NATO, UK and US envoys in Germany on Friday.

Later on Friday, U.S. Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, who brokered the Taliban deal, warned against abandoning U.S. push for a transitional settlement to replace President Ashraf Ghani’s administration as part of U.S. domestic talks efforts.

“If the Taliban don’t choose peace, a future based on consensus and compromise, we will work with Afghans who are trying to keep the republic intact. The political unity of the republic is a must, ”wrote Khalilzad in a tweet on Friday.

In response to Khalilzad’s testimony, Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, dismissed the concern, saying that “no other country has the right to express views on the nature of the system” that should govern Afghanistan and “who is in power.” should be and who shouldn’t. ” ”

“Some countries, especially the US, say they will stand by the republic. You’ve been on the Republic’s side for the past 20 years; You created the republic. This republic is not acceptable. It should definitely be replaced, ”Mujahid told Arab News over the phone.

Mujahid added that the Taliban are seeking to resolve the Afghanistan crisis through talks and accused Kabul and Washington of “obstructing the peace process” by opposing the Doha Troop Withdrawal Agreement, releasing an additional 7,000 Taliban -Government prison inmates and the US blacklisted their leaders.

“We want to unite all Afghans and create a system together. All Afghans have the right to be present in a strong, unified Islamic system, ”said Mujahid.

Torek Farhadi, an adviser to the former Afghan government, said Khalilzad’s statements on Friday were clearly a warning to the Taliban and painted a bleak picture of Afghanistan’s future.

He stated that Khalilzad’s comments advocating a possible future government with Ghani implied that Washington would give up the urge to replace him with the creation of a coalition administration.

“This is really a warning to the Taliban,” he told Arab News, predicting a future scenario similar to that of the civil war in the 1990s, when only the United Nations and few governments kept their missions as fighting escalated across the country. also in Kabul.