Local Kitchens, a digital food hall concept, has opened locations in Lafayette, San Jose and Cupertino, California. Customers can prepare meals from any restaurant partner on site and mix and match cuisine from home cooking to vegan and vegetarian, CEO Jon Goldsmith said in a company press release.

“When COVID forced the world to seek shelter, we wanted to find a way to help San Francisco restaurateurs reach their customers who no longer commute to the city,” said Goldsmith, co-director of COO Andrew Munday and CTO Jordan Bramble Local Kitchens founded. “We have partnered with great restaurants in San Francisco to help them expand into new cities and thrive in and post-pandemic times.”

Each location has eight to ten restaurants that reflect the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area cuisine and the people in the communities. Current restaurant partners are Curry Up Now, Glasur, Humphry Slocombe, The Little Chihuahua, MIXT (gourmet salads), Proposition Chicken, Saucy Asian, SeƱor Sisig and Wise Sons.

“Curry Up Now is excited to accelerate our expansion plans with local kitchens and bring our food to more communities in the Bay Area,” said Akash Kapoor, founder and CEO of Curry Up Now. “Cupertino is one of our most sought-after cities to open a location. We are very excited about this new opening.”

With Local Kitchens, customers can place orders online or in person via touchscreen kiosks. Within a few minutes, customers will receive an SMS notification when their order is ready.

Unlike a ghost kitchen, a warehouse that is solely designed to prepare meals for delivery, each Local Kitchens location has a store front and a special take-away customer experience with staff from the local community, according to Goldsmith. All menu items are prepared on site by the local chefs who have been trained by their restaurant partners.

“Our people work closely with the local kitchen team to ensure that our offerings run perfectly,” said Ari Feingold, owner of Proposition Chicken, in the press release. “Quality and consistency are our top priorities, and Local Kitchens seamlessly fulfills both aspects.”