in the San Francisco is literally small. The 49 square mile footprint is only slightly larger than that of Walt Disney World. Even Reno is more than twice the size of SF for all the attention it receives as “the world’s largest little city”.

This makes the Sunset District all the more interesting, with its miles of avenues that stretch from the Panhandle over Ocean Beach to the zoo.

The sunset is San Francisco is by far the largest neighborhood, but it has that cozy atmosphere that sometimes makes you feel like you exist in a completely different universe than the rest of the city.

Urban explorers, immigrant families and beach-goers merge here in the midst of the vastness of single-family houses and the sea beckons as well as the dim sum.

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If you dare to step into the Mazelian limits of sunset, just make sure to put on your traveler’s cap and have your GPS on hand so it doesn’t swallow you whole.

Here is a video that shows the sunset in all its glory. Weigh the answers you love about this neighborhood.