SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – In times of high unemployment, many of us are looking for ways to save money. We introduce you to two technicians from the Bay Area who have managed to furnish their home not only stylishly but also cheaply.

At just 23 years old, two technicians kept up their expectations and enjoyed the view from the top of their high-rise apartment in San Francisco’s Mission Bay.

Here’s a look at what they accomplished in four weeks to turn their nearly empty two-bedroom bedroom into a dream space.

“Hello, welcome to us,” they said when they greeted us at the door.

James Zamora and Alexander Madrzyk recently moved into their first apartment together.

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The two filled their kitchen, dining room, living room and two bedrooms with nearly 70 pieces of furniture and knickknacks – all bought in four weeks.

“We wanted homely, but also higher quality products. That’s why we didn’t want to choose things that break easily,” said Alexander.

He’s a software engineer who just graduated from college and says he didn’t save a lot.

James has a keen interest in design and wanted an apartment that inspires creativity.

“So I had to find different options to make the work of our two worlds better and to make sure we were happy with the situation,” said James.

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Your solution – choose items for sale in high-end stores, but also in second-hand stores.

They settled on the Facebook marketplace for most of their purchases.

“You can see how long people have had their profile on Facebook. So there is more trust on this platform,” said Alexander.

Among their best purchases, the couple brought in a leather sofa that was free to view on Facebook.

The person they got it from gave it away instead of paying someone to take it away.

They also got a closet and a kitchen table for free.

The legs were broken so James and Alex just cut the legs off and placed them on that ledge.

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“The couple they got it from tried to downsize their apartment,” Alexander recalled.

The two chairs were a steal for $ 10 each

James and Alex found a $ 30 closet

The glasses? They were free while a vase only put them back 15.

These wine storage cubes sold for $ 1 each, while the carpet underneath was $ 10.

This big screen TV turned out to be one of the more expensive items – $ 50.

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The drinks cart – another $ 40 and the shelf $ 30.

By all estimates made by the couple, they saved around $ 10,000.

They also created the perfect ambience.

The couple set up the apartment in time for James’ birthday party.

Facebook Marketplace has now implemented a roadside pickup and delivery system to ensure social distancing.

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