A large crowd gathered in San Francisco on Friday with one very simple message. The hatred and attacks on the Asian-American community will not be tolerated.

Some people have said that given the recent anti-Asian attack, an event like this is exactly what they need.

“It is a rally to raise awareness of the various attacks that Asians, Americans, the elderly and women are really experiencing,” said rally organizer Nikki Liv Basas.

The rally was entitled “Ascent with Asians”. The rally began with a march from Union Square to Embarcadero Plaza, where speakers from student organizers delivered messages of hope and resilience.

Asian-American and Pacific islander communities demand unity as hateful attacks escalate in the Bay Area. Jean Elle reports.

“I think it’s really important that they learn how to use their voices to say this is wrong,” said Debbie Kim.

Kim brought her children. She said violence against the Asian and Pacific islanders is not new, but it appears to be getting bolder.

“It’s terrible that my parents are arriving tomorrow. They’re 74 and I’m going to hold them up close because it’s really scary, ”Kim added.

Friday’s message was not limited to street attacks.

Angelo Quinto’s family also spoke out. He died after a confrontation with the Antioch police, who had been called home because of a mental crisis.

“There’s no good reason my brother Qui Angelo shouldn’t speak against anti-Asian violence here today,” said Bella Collins.

The messages differed from speaker to speaker and had a common theme: “pronounced solidarity”.

“To stand up for those of our community members who are unable to stand up for themselves,” Basas said.