Turnkey co-living spaces in the heart of the Silicon Valley startup community cost $ 1 per month, including all utilities and property taxes

SAN FRANCISCO, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) San Francisco will start a unique auction of spaces in this historic building, which was minted as NFT on May 5th. Ownership of each NFT offers the option to sign a 75 year lease for as little as $ 1 per month. In addition to real estate assets, auction winners receive an additional NFT, which gives them the exclusive right to use their space as a virtual good. NFTs representing each room will be minted in a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace starting May 5th.

Developed by Jered Kenna, the early pioneer of the bitcoin exchange and founder of the US’s first bitcoin exchange, 20Mission is a crypto landmark and location of the very first bitcoin house to be the first to accept bitcoin for rent. It hosted the first ever Bitcoin Meetups in San Francisco, the first ever Bitcoin art exhibition that served as the location for the first documentary on Bitcoin: The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin in 2014, and served as the founding site for TradeHill and Ripple when Jered envisioned the future CEO Chris Larsen on Ripple on the roof. 20Mission now offers luxurious co-living spaces in the heart of San Francisco that are fully equipped for turnkey living with a built-in neighboring startup community to encourage entrepreneurship.

“NFTs have had a huge impact on virtual real estate with the sale of digital homes, but there is a largely untapped market for real estate tied to NFTs,” said Jered Kenna, Founder and CEO of 20Mission. “20Mission is introducing an entirely new model that will shake up the real estate market and enable auction winners to rent 75-year community shares on a San Francisco property at a fraction of the cost with no additional charges and no taxes. “

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The auction starting price for the NFTs of each room is determined according to the size, location and equipment of each Coliving Space. Bidders can also purchase NFTs for virtual access to future 20mission virtual properties.

For more information on 20Mission and the NFT auction, please visit: http://www.20Mission.com/.

OVER 20Mission:
20Mission is a 41-room San Francisco community focused on the arts, technology, and entrepreneurship in the heart of the Mission District. The room consists of commercial space and individual rooms that are fully equipped for turnkey living. Developed by Jered Kenna, the inventor of TradeHill, the first Bitcoin exchange, 20Mission is a crypto landmark and location of the very first house to accept Bitcoin as a rental payment. With 20Mission, tenants can now buy NFTs through auction to rent Coliving Spaces with a term of 75 years for USD 1 per month. More information is available at http://www.20mission.com/.

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