A former public works director in San Francisco was arrested Wednesday when he allegedly approached someone with a knife in a local food bank and tried to rob them.

San Francisco Police posted a statement on social media saying that Bayview Station officials responded to a call on the 1000 block of Marin Street at 11:18 a.m. about a man with a knife.

When officers arrived at the scene, identified by KGO-TV as the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, the victim told officers he was “approached by an adult male suspect who produced a knife and demanded the victim’s property”. The man left the area and called the police.

The suspect, Mohammed Nuru, was arrested and taken to the San Francisco County Jail for a second degree robbery.

KGO reports Nuru, 58, allegedly also tried to steal a bag of chips but then allegedly said he was joking. According to KGO, Nuru is volunteering at Tafel and was working there when the incident occurred.

San Francisco-Marin Food Bank communications manager Keely Hopkins said KGO Nuru reached out to someone who was eating potato chips in the break room. Nuru reportedly held a kitchen knife similar to the ones they use on the table. The person went and called the police.

Explanation of an incident involving a person with a knife in the city’s Bayview District ⬇️

– San Francisco Police Department (@SFPD) June 3, 2021 @SFPD

In January 2020, the Justice Department announced that Nuru had been charged in a pay-to-play program involving a San Francisco restaurant owner that allegedly attempted to bribe a San Francisco airport inspector.

US Attorney David L. Anderson said Nuru was embroiled in a “web of corruption with bribery, kickbacks and side business”.

In February, the Justice Department wrote in another statement, the owner of a recycling facility in the Bay Area admitted that Nuru – who was in charge of the Department of Public Works at the time – bribed a $ 36,550 gold Rolex to have.

The allegations of corruption against Nuru are reportedly still going through the courts. Online prison records did not reveal a trial date regarding the alleged attempted robbery on Wednesday.