Grocery stores were seen as essential during the pandemic, and their staff are stationed on the front lines. A San Jose grocery store employee has died of COVID-19.




In “Waging Change,” a new documentary by filmmaker Abby Ginzberg, workers explain the toll that the minimum wage means on their pay, safety and family. On this episode of “Civic,” Ginzberg and Saru Jayaraman, directors of the Food Labor Research Center at the University of California at Berkeley and co-founders of One Fair Wage, say the minimum wage is directly linked to sexual harassment and racial discrimination in the workplace.


January 17, 2020


The Trump administration has tightened the requirement that adults without disabilities and without dependent children work at least 20 hours a week to gain access to food stamps. This change is expected to take effect in April.



Journalist Angela Woodall looks back on her coverage of the public press about the deep, but not immediately visible, impact of the affordability crisis in San Francisco and how the language of the campaign ads entered media coverage in the 2015 election. “It is in the territory of the San Francisco Public Press that any coverage you do looks below the surface and goes much deeper into the subject.” – Journalist Angela Woodall


October 12, 2018


Many city dwellers who are not housed or unsure about food rely on Food Not Bombs humanitarian assistance to survive. However, government regulations, which will come into effect in January, jeopardize the group’s 35-year mission to share food outside the confines of government bureaucracy.


Box City’s story reflects the city’s changed approach to homeless camps and the impact it has on their residents. Many believed that the navigation centers – touted as a model for people moving home from the streets – would lead to long-term housing. But they were demoralized and exhausted with the government’s ability to help them.


A Mexican tax on sugary drinks has cut consumption since 2014 and is said to help lower diabetes rates, improve overall health, and other indirect cost savings, according to a study published Tuesday.


Mid-market stores are worlds apart, a sign of rapid change.


Two different businesses that target two different populations with different priorities: one serves the area’s long-time Latino residents; The other is aimed at those who can afford premium prices for freshness and the seal of approval of purchase from local vendors.